Look: Toyota Car in Davao City Vandalized With #Mar2016, Duterte Sticker Peeled Off

A 2012 Toyota Altis car has been vandalized with the hashtag #Mar2016 using spray paint, as you can see on the photo below. The untoward incident reportedly happened at night this Tuesday, March 1, 2016 in Uyanguren Street, Davao City. The car owner is a self-confessed supporter of presidential candidate, Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte, The Duterte sticker at the back of his car was peeled off.

According to a post at Top Gear Philippines (TGP) this Friday, March 4, the owner of the vandalized Toyota car is a 33-year-old Chinese businessman who requested anonymity for security purposes. The hashtag #Mar2016 was spray-painted at the front, back and the left side of the poor vehicle, and is obviously a campaign for administration presidentiable, Mar Roxas.

“I went to the area at around 7:30 pm with a friend to eat at one of the restaurants. We went back to the car after an hour, and this is what we saw.” The car owner told TGP, noting that the photo was taken at the car-paint shop and the car is being scheduled for wash over to remove the spray paint. He added that he already filed a formal complaint to the Davao City police.

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The area where the car was parked is said to be highly commercialized, but there was also no mention if there is a CCTV that captured the incident. As of posting, a thorough investigation on the case is still on-going, and there is no suspect yet. But according to the owner, police have earlier caught some juvenile boys spraying paint on cars in a nearby subdivision.

Toyota Altis spray paint Mar2016

Credit: Top Gear Philippines

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Therefore, it is still hard to tell if this latest spay paint vandalism was deliberately done by supporters of Mar Roxas, or someone who just want to destroy the reputation of the LP presidential candidate, or not exactly a politically motivated act. Nevertheless, it is very clear that someone totally disrespected the rights of a person, and that someone should be arrested.

With this kind of incident, detractors of Mayor Rody Duterte are expected to bash the title of Davao City as one of the safest cities in the world. But help such cases be easily solved, we strongly suggest car owners to provide a dashboard camera and not only depend on CCTV. After all, car related incidents and other crimes can happen everywhere we are.



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