Look: Spanish Era Ghosts in Intramuros Caught on Camera? (Photos)

Alleged ghosts from the Spanish era were captured on camera in Intramuros. According to the netizen who posted them on Facebook this Friday, March 11, 2016, he took the photos last Saturday, as he drove his to a debut of the daughter of her classmate. He said he was then on top of the walls of Intramuros. This so-called Walled City was built in the 1500s to protect Manila from foreign invasions.

“At around 11:30 pm, as I went out of the hotel. I found myself alone in the street. I went back atop the wall. The street was empty and it looked neat with its warm light color street lamps. So I took another photo of the street. I never bothered to look at the photo until this morning.” Randy Topacio wrote, as part of his lengthy post, describing the details on the images that appeared on the photos.

“To my astonishment, I noticed that there were a lot of people in the photo. As I examined the photo much closer and enhanced it a bit… Whoa!!! I have captured what seems to be people in the Spanish era. I have taken a photo of the past.” Topacio added, noting that he took the first photo at around 7:30 pm that night. But because there were a lot of people that time, he decided to take other set of photos.

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According to the netizen, taking a closer look to the photos will reveal some people wearing white shirts that looked the same as the traditional Katipunero outfit. There is also a Spanish soldier wearing white uniform and helmet, and leading a group of nuns in their white coif, black veil and Holy habbit. But what adds to the msytery is that the nuns came out from a door or hallway, which is actually a very solid wall.

The netizen said he is nor forcing anyone to believe him, but he guarantees that those picture are original and genuine, and not tampered or product of photo editing software, Photoshop. Apparently, this is not the first ghost story about Intramuros. In fact, a ‘ghost walk’ event Intramuros was held last January, where hundreds of paranormal fans attended to improve their knowledge about its mystery.

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As of posting, no paranormal expert has commented on the photos of Randy Topacio. Nevertheless, he commented that the area where the ‘nun ghosts’ appeared used to be the Chapel of the Franciscan Venerable Third Order. However, it was destroyed during the battle of Manila in 1945. The same site onced housed the San Francisco Church and Convent. All in all, there were seven churches inside Intramuros.



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