Look: Sen Leila De Lima Has Amnesia? 2016 Statement on Mary Jane Veloso Case Opposite of That in 2015

The controversy over President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement on the drug case of Mary Jane Veloso in Indonesia has attracted responses from politicians, especially from Senator Leila de Lima. However, we found out that her recent statement on Indonesian government’s decision to Mary Jane is somehow opposite from her statement in 2015.

This Monday, September 12, Sen. de Lima issued said hat she read on Jakarta Post news article bearing the headline, “Duterte has given the green light for Mary Jane’s execution: Jokowi”. Then, the Liberal Party senator concluded that President Duterte will no longer intercede with the decision of the Indonesian government over Mary Jane Veloso.

“I am sad and heartbroken that the President will throw away all our efforts to save a life just like that, when it is still in his power to request for the holding-off of the execution…Nakalulungkot. Nakaiiyak. Nakahihindik.” Sen. Leila de Lima said, noting that people should not be surprised because of the present extrajudicial killings in the country.

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Credit: Leila de Lima Facebook

Based on Sen de Lima’s statement, it appears that President Duterte is not pushing to save Mary Jane Veloso from execution because her case involves illegal drugs. We can also conclude that she thinks that the president is somehow soft on the Indonesian government. However, it seems that she has a different stand when she was still the DOJ secretary.

“If it is proven in the ongoing investigation that she’s a victim, maybe there’s a chance that she will be saved from death sentence. But that’s an aspiration. We’re looking at a possible executive clemency, but we don’t want to be repeatedly saying that at this point because we don’t want the Indonesian government to be pressured about it.” Then-DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima said in a House hearing about Veloso’s case back in May 2015.

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Screenshot Credit: GMA News Online

Judging from what De Lima said, it appears that she was not keen in pushing the Indonesian government. She is also suggesting that the Philippine government will only respect the Indonesian government if they eventually decide to execute Veloso. But isn’t that opposite with her recent statement? Or is Sen de Lima only suffering from amnesia?