Look: Sen Grace Poe Luxury Mansion in Virginia, USA Now for Sale for P41 Million?

Senator Grace Poe has a luxury mansion in Virginia, USA, according to a supposed exposé of the wealth of the 2016 Philippine elections presidential candidate. During her kick-off election campaign last February 9, the neoyphte lady senator said her life is full of struggles. However, the details of her alleged multi-million mansion, which is now for sale, seem to tell us the opposite.

According to a recent post at www.opensourceinvestigations.com, they had obtained a documentary proof that Sen Grace Poe owns the luxury mansion at 2809 Winter Oaks Way, in Herndon, Virginia, in Washington DC, and posted a photo of the house in question. We saw the same address at Zillow.com, stating that the mansion is now for sale for $878,410 (Approx. P41,064,789.00).

Apparently, the details of the alleged Poe’s US mansion on both websites are the same. The said house has 322 square meters (3,468 sq. ft) floor area, and has total land area of 9,916 square foot (approx. 1,000 sq m). Built in 1999, the 2-story, single-family residential house has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a fireplace, a finished basement, and an attached garage.

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As noted by Zillow, the said property was last sold in May 2006 for $947,000 (or around P44,271,303 in current exchange rate). Based on the description at www.trulia.com, another US realty website, the mansion has metal exterior walls, and a composition shingle roofing which is considered a popular choice among US homeowners for its durability and variety of elegant designs.

Grace Poe mansion US

Alleged Grace Poe mansion; Credit: opensourceinvestigations.com

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Meanwhile, Senator Poe consistently leads in various survey among presidentiables for the 2016 elections. As the adoptive daughter of the late Action King Fernando Poe, Jr (FPJ) and veteran actress Susan Roces, she is still facing disqualification cases regarding her being a natural-born Filipino. Her critics are also concern with her raw experience in governance.

As a foundling, Grace Poe is still hopeful that she can find her roots despite the negative results of a series of DNA tests of people who claimed to be her relatives. Just recently, she was accused of having 2 Social Security Numbers (SSN). Her camp has denied it, emphasizing that the other one is only her student number at Boston College in Massachusetts.

As of posting, Poe’s camp has no official statement yet regarding this latest allegation.

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