Look: No Helmet DZRH Motorcycle Rider Ignores Police After Beating a Red Light?

A member of the Philippine media allegedly ignored the police after committing a traffic violation. This is according to a claim of a netizen, who shared posted a photo on a Facebook group this Tuesday, May 17 of bald man riding on a DZRH radio station motorcycle, and wearing a black shirt with ‘Media’ printed at the back.

As a caption to the post of a certain Leanne Martinez Sacapano, a policeman tried to stop the supposed media man after he beat the red light at Laong Laan street (most likely in Sampaloc, Manila), and not even wearing a helmet. However, the motorcycle rider did not care to stop and just shouted he is a member of the media.

As you can see, the motorcycle bears a DZRH label with plate number DC 38470. The person who took the photo is at the back of the rider, and so the face of the rider cannot be seen. The photo is now viral, and has been shared at the official DZRH Facebook page. But as of posting, the media station has no comment yet on this issue.

DZRH motorcycle traffic violation

Last April 15, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) started the re-implementation of its No-Contact Apprehension policy, which is applicable to areas in Metro Manila that has MMDA CCTV cameras. This means that no MMDA officers should anymore apprehend traffic violators in those areas, but rather will be sent notices.

And although we are not sure if Laong Laan street is covered by this latest MMDA policy, the supposed DZRH motorcycle rider in question obviously committed two major traffic violations. Not to mention that he is also risking his life, as well as the safety of pedestrians and his fellow motorists. And yes, media is not exempted to traffic rules.