Look: Mother Ties Her Child Like a Dog Inside a Divisoria Mall and Went to Sleep

A heartless mother tied her child like a dog while they are inside 999 Mall in Divisoria. A concerned netizen could not help but took photo of the cruel scene and posted it on her Facebook page this Sunday, December 7, 2015. Crystal Sumulong, who is also a mother, explained what she witnessed that day. Below is the full context of her Facebook post.

According to Sumulong, she was seated right beside the mother inside the mall. At first, she said she noticed that the mother allowed her child to roam around the mall all by himself. The netizen described the little boy as around 2 years old and wearing dirty clothes. Later, a mall security guard oconfronted the mother so she decided to tie her child and went to sleep.

Sumulong added that it took her about an hour observing the child as passers-by took photos of him. She said some concerned citizens give food to the poor boy, who appears to be very hungry. Moments later, the boy also went to sleep on the floor with a plastic tie on his waist, while his mother is sound sleep on the chair. Obviously, the boy will not go far this time.

The netizen said her child is much naughtier than the boy but the mother is more impatient than her. She added that she felt pity on the boy that she wanted to adopt him. However, she noted that being a single mother and that she might not be able to take good care of him. Hesitated to confront the mother because she might hurt her, Sumulong asked a guard for help.

Mother ties child inside 999 mall Divisoria
Mother ties child 999 mall Divisoria

Credit: Crystal Sumulong Facebook

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As parents, we always wanted the best for our children. We do everything to protect them from harm, even from mosquito bites. We understand that sometimes we get tired of our daily work. The mother on the photo might have thought her child might get lost if she falls asleep. But still, we honestly believe that there are better options rather than tying him like a dog.

Child abuse alert. Paging DSWD…



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