Look: More Than Brothers, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Visits President Duterte House in Davao City (Photos)

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the house of President Rodigo Duterte in Davao City this Friday morning, January 13. This very rare moment has proven President Duterte’s statement when he visited Japan last October that the Japanese are “special friend who’s closer than a brother” is indeed true. Look closely at the photos below.

“Japan prime minister Shinzo Abe inside the simple home of Pres.Duterte. We also showed him how the president enjoys the comfort of his own bed, including his old and favorite mosquito net.” Special Assistant to the President Bong Go wrote on his official Facebook page, as caption to three photos of Mr. Abe’s visit to President Duterte’s house.

Go reportedly said that Abe-San spent 45 minutes inside President Duterte’s home, including 10 minutes inside his own room. He added that the two presidents ate local rice cakes such as biko, suman, and kutsinta, and also had mongo soup. All in all, the Pambansang photobomber that the Japanese PM enjoyed his visit to the president’s house.

While in Davao, Abe is also set to visit Little Tokyo, a former Japanese settlement in Mintal, which used to be the home of Japanese migrants who have established Abaca plantations in the district before World War II. He and President Duterte are also expected to talk about infrastructure development, counter terrorism, and drug rehabilitation projects.

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Credit: Bong Go Facebook

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe arrived in the Philippines Thursday afternoon along with his wife, First Lady Akie Abe. On his first day of his two-day official visit in the country, Abe was welcomed by President Duterte in MalacaƱang Palace, where he also talked with some local business leaders. He is the first world leader to visit Philippines this year.

During his official visit to Japan, President Duterte received a very warm welcome from Mr. Abe and entire Japanese government. The Japanese PM even posed with him with his famous signature fist gesture in a photo along with both Filipino and Japanese officials. A month before, Abe released a statement saying that President Duterte is very famous in Japan.