Look: Maynilad Charges Household Water Bill 5 Times Higher Than Usual Monthly Bill

Maynilad faucet

A Maynilad Water Services customer had the surprise of her life after learning that her September 2015 water bill was more than 5 times higher than their usual monthly bill. This is the sentiment of Evan Reandino Cuesta, who posted a photo of her latest water bill on her Facebook page this Friday, September 18 along with her disappointment.

“Whaaat? May swimming pool nba ako? Anyarrreee? From less than 300.. Ayy grabee! Hinoldap mo na lang sana ko Maynilad. Ayos!!” Evan Reandino Cuesta wrote. She agreed to talk to TN and provided us more details about her water bill problem, provided that we will not publish her exact home address. She also told us that the P300 she mentioned is for her two water meters, because she used the second one for cleaning purposes. Nevertheless, she emphasized that her average monthly bill is actually less than P200.

According to Ms. Cuesta, she and other people have been living in her apartment in Quezon City since July 19. She said she had a ‘kasambahay’ but she left July 31. She said she even had their faucets checked for leaks and replaced the shower when they moved in. This is why she was shocked when their water bill rose to a whooping P1,068.30 instead of going down.

Cuesta told us that there are three units in that apartment, and the other two households have the same problem. She said she immediately called Maynilad upon receiving the unbelievably high water bill, and the customer service representative told her that Maynilad will conduct an investigation. For the meantime, she was advised to pay only her usual monthly bill.

Meanwhile, Maynilad recently announced that residents in the West Zone will have adjusted water rates starting this October 1. This covers Metro Manila, including Northern and western parts of Quezon City and Southwestern part of Makati. The said water rate increase is due to an upward adjustment in the FCDA (Foreign Currency Differential Adjustment (FCDA).

According to its press release last September 14, customers who have an average monthly consumption of 10 cu.m. or less will have a P0.36 increase in their monthly water bill. Customers who have a monthly consumption of 20 cu.m. and 30 cu.m. will have an increase of P1.37 and P2.80, respectively. This increase is about 1.58% of the Average Basic Charge.

Maynilad high water bill

Credit: Evan Reandino Cuesta Facebook

But even this increase has been implemented earlier, it is pretty obvious that Cuesta and the other residents in their apartment should not have a water bill of P1,000. We believe that there was somehow a glitch in their payment computation system. We also encourage all Maynilad customers to formally complain to their office if there are similar cases.