Look: Lost Boy in Davao City Now Cook Wishes to Serve ‘President’ Duterte

A netizen shared on Facebook what could be another My Duterte Story. This time, it came from a cook who was once lost in the crowd in Davao City when he was still a young boy. But because he was placed seated by Mayor Rody Duterte, his family easily found him. Now that he’s grown up, he wants to serve President-elect Duterte.

According to the Facebook post of Toperjay Pore Quijano, he was then 4 years old when he got lost, and that the people decided to place him beside Mayor Duterte. He congratulated him and his family for winning the election. But instead of calling him president, Toperjay decided to address Duterte as ‘Tatay Digong’ (Father Digong).

Quijano’s post was shared almost a thousand times, and reached the knowledge of former governor of North Cotabato Manny Piñol. He made a separate post on his Facebook page, and shared the story and photo of Duterte sitting beside the liitle boy. Piñol confirmed that Quijano was born in 1986, so the photo could have been taken in 1990.

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As you can see on the photo, the liitle boy was crying and then first-termer Mayor Duterte is trying to pacify him. Being an avid Duterte supporter, Manny Piñol recalled a Facebook post made by a Dabawenyo, as a response to the anti-duterte ad video paid by Sen. Antonio Trillanes aired at ABS-CBN in the latter part of the election campaign.

According to the netizen, he grew up in Davao City and that the city would not be at its becautiful and peaceful condition if Mayor Duterte did not strictly implement firecracker ban, liquor ban at 1 am, anti-smoking ordinance, and curfew for minors. He also stressed out that Duterte does not curse or say foul words in front of thechildren.

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On that note, Piñol guaranteed Quijano that presumptive President Duterte will read his story. He said he would recommend him to be a cook in Malacañang cook, but for some condition, He wants Quijano to prepare food that would make Trillanes speak the truth, and food that can make people love each other, instead of being greedy.