Look: Leila de Lima, Jaybee Sebastian Photo Inside Bilibid Exposed, Sen de Lima Reacts

Sen Leila de Lima Jaybee Sebastian Bilibid prison

Solicitor General Jose Calida revealed a photo this Thursday, July 21 of what he claims as then-Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila de Lima and Jaybee Sebastian, a convicted criminal and one of top drug lords inside the New Bilibid Prison as named by no less than President Rodrigo himself. However, de Lima immediately denied any links to illegal drugs. .

“Now what is a justice secretary doing in the kubol of this prison mayor? Could you give me an answer to that? You media people are very intelligent. Please help us because we will investigate the persons here (photo) if you can identify them.” Calida sad in front of reporters, noting that investigating de Lima is part of his job as the sitting Solicitor General.

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“Is this appropriate for a justice secretary? To be rubbing elbows with a convicted felon? Is this appropriate? Of course not. So this is our message. Public officials who are coddling drug lords and criminals, will be investigated by us…Our advocacy is to put these politicians and government officials who are coddling the drug lords and traffickers to jail.” He added.

In her statement posted on her official Facebook page, Sen. Leila de Lima categorically denied being a protector of Jaybee Sebastian. Nevertheless, she admitted that she was the lady in the photo, and that it was taken inside the Bilibid. However, she noted that the event was also attended by other government officials and some local media reporters.

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Sen Leila de Lima statement Sebastian photoSen Leila de Lima statement Sebastian photo 2

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Sen. de Lima then advised Calida to stop exposing ‘Throwback’ photo which she noted as ‘taken out of context.,’ The former CHR (Commission on Human Rights) chairperson said that the Solicitor General should focus on the 501-page decision on the West Philippine Sea case, adding that she is patient and will never be intimidated by any kind of attack.



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