Look: Kind Policeman Takes Good Care of ‘Special Child’ Found in the Streets

Police bath special child

A very kind policemen in the Philippines literally took good care of a man that appears to be a ‘special child’ who was found roaming in the streets, and was brought to the police station. Apparently, he is the exact opposite of some top police officials whom President Rodrigo Duterte has recently accused of protecting high profile drug lords in the country.

As noted at Ayungon Pulis-Pcr Facebook page this Friday, July 8, an unnamed man was recently seen walking around the streets of Barangay Calag-Calag, Ayungon, Negros Oriental. No resident in that areas knows him and where he came from. And although he does not look dangerous, he seems to be lost and needs some special attention.

Later, a concerned citizen decided to bring him to the Ayungon Police Station. The policemen learned that the stranger is deaf-mute and somehow acts like a ‘special child.’ As you can see in the photo, a certain PO3 Domingo Oplimo is giving him a good bath. You can see that the man is enjoying because the policeman in uniform treated him like his own son.

The third and last photo shows the same unidentified man but this time he looks fresh and clean, and wearing a red shirt and white shorts. As of posting, nobody has not claimed being his relative. We therefore assume that he is still in the said police station or was brought to the local DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) office.

Meanwhile, the Ayungon Police Station especially PO3 Domingo Oplimo is now receiving tons of positive comments from netizens. With him taking care of a stranger, many of the commenters suggested that not all police officers are crook or involved in illegal activities, and that there are still those honest ones and doing things beyond their call of duty.

With that, you earned our respect, PO3 Domingo Oplimo! Thank you for setting a good example to your fellow PNP officers, and for reminding us that faith in humanity is not yet lost. We also hope that there are many more policemen like you. Mabuhay ka!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚