Look: Japanese National Mazakasa Nose Paints Baguio City Overpass Voluntarily

A Japanese national named Mazakasa Nose was captured on camera painting an overpass in Baguio City. The photo was taken by a certain Querubin XD and posted on his Facebook page on Monday, February 10, 2016 and is now receiving praises from netizens. And yes, the kind Japanese is doing it for free, and even spent his own money for the paint and brush.

“Thank you so much Sir. Mazakasa Nose!” Querubin XD wrote in the caption of the photo of Nose-san painting the railing of the overpass, noting that the Japanese national is truly concern with the residents of Baguio City. He also criticized some people and government officials who are only showing hypocrisy when they do good to others or serving the people.

According to Daniel Feliciano of Cordillera Sun, the said overpass is likely to be one connecting the Baguio Center Mall to the City Public Market. He also mentioned that this is not the first time that Nose-san was spotted voluntarily doing good things for the people of Baguio. Back in November 2014, he was seen cleaning another overpass in the same city.

That time, a certain Celayca Aviles saw Mazakasa Nose at overpass connecting Maharlika and Tiong San. The Japanese national was then picking up garbage and putting them inside a black garbage bag. She took photos of his kind gesture and posted them on her Facebook page. The post received tons of positive comments, and was even reported in local news.

Japanese paint overpass Baguio

Credit: Querubin XD Facebook

Meanwhile, Feliciano said that Mazakasa Nose has been living in Baguio City for quite some time. To earn a living, he has a small stall called Masaya Takoyaki, locaated at the third floor of Baguio Center Mall where he sells waffles and takoyaki, a ball-shaped Japanese snack. However, there is no information as to whether he has a family here, or back home in Japan.

But no matter what background he has, it’s very clear that he has a huge heart for the place he is currently living in. So as a token of gratitude, you may want to visit his stall if you go to Baguio City. And in case you don’t know, Japanese people are known to be well-disciplined. Unfortunately, this trait is not adopted by some lazy Filipinos, including greedy politicians.