Look How International Media Portrayed “President Duterte Likens to Hitler” (Video)

President Rodrigo Duterte has returned to the Philippines this Friday, September 30 from his two-day visit in Vietnam. But while his talks with Vietnamese President Tran Đại Quang produced postive results for both countries, some international media outlets reported that President Duterte has compared himself to Adolf Hitler. Watch video below.

If you will search the screaming headline “Duterte Likens Himself as Hitler” on Google, it will give you a number of various news reports from international media stating that President Duterte appeared to be comparing himself to the infamous German nazi leader. And obviously, it is very easy to guess how foreigners think of the Philippine president.

As usual, these international news websites are only depending on short and edited video clip when President Duterte mentioned the name of Adolf Hitler. But if you will listen to his words carefully (especially if you understand Tagalog clearly), you will realize that the president is actually denouncing that he said he likens himself as Hitler. Read below.

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“You’re portrayed or pictured to be some… a cousin of Hitler. And you do not even bother to find out, to investigate… Imagine that, I will be fishing and even the international court for genocide. Hindi ba naman kabalbagan ang mga—

Ikaw… Presidente ka tapos ganonin ka. It was of course all right when I was mayor. Because then, that would be about just a miniscule of the affairs of the humanity in this planet. But when I am the President and [inaudible] you know bitter and stupid. You put all the Filipinos, especially outside, you put them to shame.”

We first saw a video post at CNN Philippines Facebook where Pia Hontiveros reported this headline “Duterte Likens Himself as Hitler” However, it has already been deleted even before we were able to get a screenshot. Nevertheless, the link is still there but it has no more content. Now, watch the full speech of President Duterte and judge for yourself.


“Duterte Likens Himself as Hitler” Google screenshot


“Duterte Likens Himself as Hitler CNN Philippines” via Google screenshot

Later, CNN Philippines had the same new report but with a different headline – “Duterte decries Hitler comparison, but ‘would be happy to slaughter drug addicts’”. So where did the international media got their report? Did they get confused because the president is also mixing Tagalog in his speech? Or some local media misquoted President Duterte (again)?