Look: Girl Posts Photo of Man Who Didn’t Give Seat at MRT, Insults Him Online, Fights With Bashers

Karla Monique MRT not gentleman

A female netizen named Karla Monique Olandesca posted a photo of a man whom she said did not share his seat to her at MRT, and even insulted him. So instead of getting support, she received tons of criticized. But still she did not apologize and even justified her actions and fought with her bashers. Below is her Facebook posts and reply to comments.

According to Karla Monique Olandesca, she was then on her way to her condo riding MRT from North Avenue to Araneta Cubao. She said the man was sitting in front of her, and just looked at her instead of offering his seat, adding that it was obvious that the man is not a gentleman. She then hopes that it would not also happen to his mother and sister, if he has one.

But at the end of her post, she insulted the man by saying that he is ugly and that he also has a bad attitude. She also noted that his face and behavior compliment each other, and even laughed about it. With that, commentators started to bash her, saying that she really does not deserve a seat because of her bad behavior. However, she bravely fought back.

Kung Ano Yung Kina-Pangit Ng Mukha Mo.. Yung Din Kina-Pangit Ng Ugali Mo. Bagay Na Bagay yung Mukha Mo Sa Ugali. Perfect Combination Pare! Haha!

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Karla Monique MRT not gentleman post

One netizen reminded Ms. Olandesca that under the law, the obligation of commuters (especially males) is to offer seats to the elders, pregnant women and to people with disabilities (PWD), and not to a healthy-looking woman like her. But then, she continues insisting that she did the right thing, and that she doesn’t care what others would say.

Karla Monique MRT not gentleman comments

With this, bashers continue criticizing Karla Monique Olandesca for her rude manner, and her face is now all over Facebook. As expected, she has already deleted her Facebook account. But before she was able to removed it, a commenter posted a screen shot of his conversation with her back in 2015, suggesting where she works.

Karla Monique MRT work

But after doing some more research, we found out that she has another active Facebook account under the name Maxene Montero, where she mentioned being a working student. We are pretty sure that it is her verified account because its older posts contains her photos. In fact, she said there is always two sides of the story, but later just laughed about the issue.

Maxene Montero MRT not gentleman

As of posting, the man in the MRT whom she claim as not being a gentleman has not yet been identified. But while we at TN do not judge people because of their chosen jobs, we strongly think that Karla Monique Olandesca (or Maxene Montero) really needs some education when it comes to GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct).

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