Look: Contents of OFW Package Replaced With Newspapers and Mails

An OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) named Ailyne Gumabon who works in Hong Kong posted her sentiments on her Facebook on what happened to her OFW package to her husband in the Philippines. Besides the fact that it took more than a month before it was located, most of its contents are already gone.

According to Ms. Gumabon, she sent the package on February 16, 2016 via Speedpost, and that her husband can pick it up within 3 days. However, a week passed by and the package still did not arrive. A week later, the post office in Hong Kong told her that the package arrived in the Philippines on February 17.

Gumabon said her husband then went to the BOC (Bureau of Customs) office but the package was not there. Later, her friend who works in the Customs called her and told her that her package is at their office. However she was told that it couldn’t be delivered yet due to many packages for delivery that time.

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This March 17, her husband received a text from the post office in San Miguel, Bulacan, saying that the package is already at their office. But when they opened the package inside the post office, her husband saw that almost all the original contents are gone, and were replaced by newspapers and mails.

Based on the receipt, the OFW package was addressed to her husband, Enrico F. Gumabon. The contents are: 6 pairs of shoes, 6 pcs of shirts, 1 shorts, 1 bag, 1 cup, and 32 pcs of chocolate. But after it was opened, all that were left are a pair of shoes, 1 bag and 1 pc of chocolate, along with the newspapers.

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OFW package content newspapers mails

Credit: Ailyne Gumabon Facebook

The newspapers and mails were believed to be inside the OFW package so that its weight will still match the specified weight. This way, no one will notice that the original contents are gone not unless it is inspected. Meanwhile Gumabon believes that the items were taken while the package is at the Custom’s office.



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