Look: BIR Official Always Arrives Late at Work, According to His Employees (Photo)

BIR Government official arrives late

Credit: Kaya Di Umuunlad ang Pilipinas Facebook

A netizen complained about a government official, who always arrives late at his office, as told to her by his employees. Apparently, the said official has a high position at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). And by judging on the photos above, it appears that the BIR official is relaxing on his chair instead of attending to his paper works.

According to a post at Kaya Di Umuunlad ang Pilipinas Facebook page this Friday, September 11, a certain Marge Caparas went to the BIR office in Pasig to process some legal documents. When she asked the employees who will sign the papers, they told her it was Alejandro San Juan, the Chief Officer of the Assessment Division.

However, the employees also told her that Mr. San Juan always arrives late and usually shortly before noon. That day, Caparas said that the BIR official arrived at exactly 11:30 am. She took photos of Mr. San Juan, as he sits comfortably on his chair and one of his staff touching his head. Is she massaging his head or removing his white hair? No one knows.

BIR Goverment official arrive late office message

As expected, the Facebook post earned tons of angry taxpayers criticizing the bad habit of the government official. But while Caparas suggested that Mr. San Juan should file a leave if he has problems, some netizens suggested that he should be fired from his job. The photo reached the knowledge of Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda, who left a comment.

According to Lacierda, the issue has been brought to BIR Commissioner Kim Henares. And although he said that she has no Facebook page, the presidential spokesman said she asked him to convey her message about the matter.

“The management of the BIR has started conducting anĀ investigation on the matter as soon as the matter came to our attention yesterday. We would like to thank the people concerned for helping us make sure our people do their job by helping us monitor them by providing us with actionable information. To our people, we would like to remind them that we should perform our work efficiently and diligently as this is what we have sworn to do, and we are all accountable to doing so.” Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda wrote.

Erwin Lacierda government official late

Just like everyone else, we at TN are condemning lazy government officials. Although we still believe that there are still honest and hardworking officials, we know that there are many of them are not punctual and are not doing their job well. We therefore think that Mr. Alejandro San Juan does not deserve his position if he is proven guilty of habitually coming to work late.