Look: Beggar Girl in QC Threathens to Break Car Windows With a Huge Rock

Warning! A beggar girl is threatening a lot of motorists in Quezon City using a huge rock. According to the complaints of some netizaens, the young teenage girl was seen at the intersection of Katipunan Avenue and C.P. Garcia. But unlike other street children, the teenager who is around 12 or 13 years old scared the drivers by hitting the car windows if they don’t give her money.

“A friend shared this photo to me kanina. I think this is the same kid who threatened to smash my window along Katipunan corner CP Garcia last night. Apparently madami na palang nabibiktima ang mga batang ito! Nakakaloka!!!!” A certain Olive Isidro wrote on her Facebook page this Thursday, March 10, 2016, as caption of the photo. But apparently, it’s not only her friend who encountered the girl.

“At the intersection of Katipunan and C.P. Garcia, in front of UP Town Center. This girl went to my side of the car and mumbled something. I ignored her and then her voice grew louder and she started to pound my car window with this rock she was holding.” Mary Hazel Bisenio-Bautista wrote, quoting her Ninang, noting that the girl threatened to break the car window if she will not give her money.

“I was so tempted to spray my pepper spray on her face but she’s just a little girl. Then she moved to the next and did the same. That’s when I took this photo. When I was starting to leave, she stopped in front of my car and aimed the rock at my car again. I am shocked and appalled at what this girl is capable of. Who taught her to do that. A few more years and who knows what she’s capable of.” She added.

Apparently, another netizen named Yeyey Yatco said that she recently had a similar scary experience in the same area with the same girl. According to her, she removed her seat belt and pretended to get out of the car to scare her away. Lucky for her, the girl got scared and left, But the saddest part is that she also saw a street kid probably 5-6 years old. She added she tried to look for police, but found none.

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A friend shared this photo to me kanina. I think this is the same kid who threatened to smash my window along Katipunan…

Posted by Olive Isidro on Thursday, March 10, 2016

We at TN believe this is one of the worst problems in the streets of Metro Manila today. We therefore think that the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) needs to do so some serious work so that street children will not escape their shelters. But more than anything else, we are sure these children have problems at home, or they are being neglected by their parents. Sad, but true.



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