Watch: Netizen Writes and Sings “Papatayin Kita”, Song Criticizing Police Killings of Drug Suspects (Video)

A netizen wrote and sings “Papatayin Kita” (I Will Kill You), a song that denounces killings of suspected drug pushers all over the country. Obviously, it was dedicated to President Rodrigo Duterte and PNP (Philippine National Police) Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa. Watch Lolito Go on the video below, as he sings “Papatayin Kita.”

As you can hear it clearly, the Tagalog song has a happy tune but has dark lyrics. On the first part, it emphasizes that drug suspects are being killed by police no matter who they are, and even if they have already surrendered. It also mentions police knocking on doors of houses of drug suspects, killing them even if those who are innocent in illegal drugs.

On the second stanza of the song, Lolito Go, aka DJ Boom sings about the now-famous cardboard with “Drug Pusher Ako, Wag Tularan.” on it that are seen placed beside the dead body of drug suspects. On the Refrain, the singer noted that there is now no more respect for human rights, and that the price to pay on war against illegal drugs is life.

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Papatayin Kita lyrics

Papatayin Kita lyrics; Credit: Lolito Go Facebook

As we all have been watching news since President Duterte took his oath, there are always reports on killing of drug suspects, including policemen allegedly involved in drugs. This led to Senator Liela de Lima’s plan of conducting a Senate hearing, while the Catholic Church and human rights groups appeal to the government to strictly follow due process.

This Monday, Sen. de Lima wrote an open letter to President Duterte addressing that not all victims of killings are drug suspects. According to her, some of them were only to cover corrupt officials in their involvement in illegal drugs. The neophyte senator then urged the president to make sure that there is always due process in every anti-drug operation.

Meanwhile, what do you think of the song?