Listen: City Mayor Forgets to Turn Off His Microphone While Using the Bathroom (Video)

Mayor Pro Tem Rachael Jonrowe councilman forget to turn off mic bathroom

Dale Ross, the mayor of Georgetown, Texas had a shameful experience after he forgot to turn off his microphone while using the bathroom. The disgusting but funny incident happened recently during a council meeting. Below is the video of the live-streaming of the said meeting, where you can clearly hear everything.

As you can see on the video, Mayor Dale Ross excuses himself from the meeting and requested Mayor Pro Tem Rachael Jonrowe to take over the meeting. She then started to talk about the antibiotic-resistant infectious diseases, and even mentioned that her mother and a high school friend have been infected.

But after 30 seconds, a familiar sound can be heard which appears to be a man urinating inside the bathroom. Jonrowe, who got distracted and find it hard to control her laugh, tried her best to maintain her composure as the sound gets louder. She continued to speak, but finally loses it when she heard the flush.

Shortly after, the city mayor returned to his seat and didn’t seem to realize why the female councilor is laughing. His seatmate, probably a councilman, whispers to him what happened when he was away. The video ends with Jonrowe covering her mouth trying her best to stop laughing.

Judging from the audible sound, many commentators agree that Mayor Dale Ross did not only forgot to turn his mic off but also forgot to wash his hands before leaving the bathroom. The city mayor was interviewed about the issue. He said he was not embarrassed but was surprised when the video went viral.

“I think the average person can relate to this, that even the mayor —when nature calls—has to go. This mayor is not just a local mayor, he’s an international mayor. He goes to China and then he has a video go viral throughout the world.” Mayor Dale Ross said, and even laughed about it.

On the other hand, Rachael Jonrowe mentioned this issue via her Facebook page.

Rachael Jonrowe Facebook comment mayor forgets to turn off mic

“I have been stunned by all of the attention that a little viral video has received, and humbled by the mostly kind and supportive (and funny!) notes and comments that I have read, from individuals around the globe.” Councilwoman Rachael Jonrowe wrote.

“I will not be spending a lot of time discussing the above-mentioned video on this page, because I have always tried to use this as a tool to do the business of the wonderful town which I love and serve.” She added, noting that everyone should treat each other with respect.

This only proves that these politicians are also human after all. 🙂