List of Richest and Poorest Senators in the Philippines, Based on Their 2014 SALN

24 senators of the Philippines 2015

Senator Cynthia Villar continues to shine as the richest senator of the Philippines On the other hand, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is still the poorest senator, although he had a 12.97 increase in net worth as compared to 2013. This is according to 2014 Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN) of the 24 senators.

Being the only billionaire senator in the country today, Senator Cynthia Villar has zero liability and a 21.98% increase from her P1,626,073,455.00 net worth in 2013. She is the wife of former senator Manny Villar, who was also the richest senator during his term, and had assets worth P1.626 billion back in 2013.

The second richest senator today is Senator Ralph Recto, husband of Batangas Governor and ‘Star for all Seasons’ Vilma Santos-Recto. Based on his 2014 SALN, Senator Ralph Recto has a net worth of P522,006.655.21, or 5.06% increase from his 2013 net worth of P496,856,444.29.

Landing on the third spot is Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. (son of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos), who has a net worth P200,598,008.22 in 2014. He enjoyed a 1.58% increase as compared to his P197,470,358.45 in 2013. His figures were based on Cuervo Appraisers, an appraisal he personally picked.

Meanwhile, detained senators Jinggoy Estrada, Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr., and Juan Ponce Enrile completed the top 6 richest senators. Estrada has a net worth of P192,808,545.13, Revilla has P181,870,650.12, while Enrile has P121,053,463. All the three of them suffered a decrease as compared to their 2013 net worth.

On the other hand, Senator Grace Poe is the 10th richest senator, with a net worth P89,464,819.36. The first-term senator suffered a 39.94% decrease from her 2103 net worth of P148,949,908.05. The daughter of the late action king FPJ listed two houses and lots in the United States, with the one reportedly worth P15 million.

The second to the poorest senator is Francis Joseph ‘Chiz’ Escudero, having a net worth of P6,049,082.09 but with zero liabilities. He had a huge loss of 26.62% from his 2013 net worth of P8,243,820.21. He had a bashful wedding with local actress Heart Evangelista last February, and was the poorest senator is 2012.

Finally, the poorest senator, Antonio Trillanes IV had a zero liability and a net worth of P5,549,000, a 12.97% increase from his 2013 net worth of P8,243,820.21. Trillanes, who first won as senator in 2007 while he was detained for in jail for coup d’etat, was the poorest senator in 2010 and 2011. His 2012 net worth was P4.43 million.

According to the Philippine law,, a senator currently receives a monthly salary of P35,000 while the Senate President receives P40,000 per month. Below is the complete list of the incumbent senators’ net worth based on their 2014 SALNs:

1. Senator Cynthia Villar
Assets: P1,983,480,135
Liabilities: 0
Net worth: P1,983,480,135
2013 SALN Net Worth: P1,626,073,455.00 (21.98% increase)

2. Senator Ralph Recto
Assets: P600,689,290.47
Liabilities: P78,682,635.26
Net worth: P522,006.655.21
2013 SALN Net Worth: P496,856,444.29 (5.06% Increase)

3. Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr.
Assets: P228,011,706.45
Liabilities: P27,413,698.23
Net worth: P200,598,008.22
2013 SALN Net Worth: P197,470,358.45 (1.58% Increase)

4. Senator Jinggoy Estrada
Assets: P213,865,546.13
Liabilities: P21,056,092
Net worth: P192,808,545.13
2013 SALN Net Worth: P195,072,927.44 (1.16% Decrease)

5. Senator Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr.
Assets: P219,785,615.75
Liabilities: P37,914,965.63
Net worth: P181,870,650.12
2013 SALN Net Worth: P166,715,299.76 (2.9% Decrease)

6. Senator Juan Ponce Enrile
Assets: P121,053,463
Liabilities: 0
Net worth: P121,053,463
2013 SALN Net Worth: P119,377,611.00 (1.4% Decrease)

7. Senator Teofisto Guingona III
Assets: P220,339,575.30
Liabilities: P106,957,512.98
Net worth: P113,382,062.32
2013 SALN Net Worth: P114,942,029.60 (1.36% Decrease)

8. Senator Sergio Osmeña III
Assets: P105,270,000
Liabilities: P4,500,000
Net worth: P100,770,000
2013 SALN Net Worth: 114,370,000.00 (11.8% Decrease)

9. Senator Juan Edgardo ‘Sonny’ Angara
Assets: P115,980,900
Liabilities: P15, 624,800
Net worth: P100,357,100
2013 SALN Net Worth: P97,825,872.00 (2.59% Increase)

10. Senator Grace Poe
Assets: P126,955,615.31
Liabilities: P37,490,795.95
Net worth: P89,464,819.36
2013 SALN Net Worth: P148,949,908.05 (39.94% Decrease)

11. Senator Joseph Victor ‘JV’ Ejercito
Assets: P153,872,192.91
Liabilities: P78,354,970.25
Net worth: P75,517,222.66
2013 SALN Net Worth: P73,998,448.59 (2.05% Increase)

12. Senator Pia Cayetano
Assets: P78,280,071.06
Liabilities: P4,868,874.68
Net worth: P73,411,196.38
2013 SALN Net Worth: P73,296,314.82 (0.16% Increase)

13. Senator Franklin Drilon
Assets: P73,125,857.99
Liabilities: 0
Net worth: P73,125,857.99
2013 SALN Net Worth: P58,139,382.09 (25.78% Increase)

14.Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago
Assets: P120,133,539
Liabilities: P50,000,000
Net worth: P73,033,359
2013 SALN Net Worth: P76,743,374.76 (4.83% Decrease)

15.Senator Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto III
Assets: P152,620,072.52
Liabilities: P88,339,612
Net worth: P64,280,462.52
2013 SALN Net Worth: P63,850,950.00 (0.67% Increase)

16. Senator Maria Lourdes Nancy Binay
Assets: P116,552,605
Liabilities: P53,993,789
Net worth: P62,558,816
2013 SALN Net Worth: P63,788,409.00 (1.93% Decrease)

17. Senator Loren Legarda
Assets: P61,194,263
Liabilities: P21,525,000
Net worth: P39,669,263
2013 SALN Net Worth: P41,423,523.00 (4.23% Decrease)

18. Senator Manuel ‘Lito’ Lapid
Assets: P128,500,000
Liabilities: P94,700,000
Net worth: P33,800.000
2013 SALN Net Worth: P30,000,000.00 (12.67% Increase)

19. Senator Paolo Benigno ‘Bam’ Aquino
Assets: P33,386,486.59
Liabilities: P8,850,000
Net worth: P24,536,486.59
2013 SALN Net Worth: P20,493,306.59 (19.73% Increase)

20. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano
Assets P28,346,574
Liabilities: P5,032,034
Net worth: P23,314,540
2013 SALN Net Worth: P21,790,568.00 (6.99% Increase)

21. Senator Gregorio Honasan II
Assets: P21,225,615.91
Liabilities: 0
Net worth: P21,225,615.91
2013 SALN Net Worth: P20,958,838.00 (1.27% Increase)

22. Senator Aquilino ‘Koko’ Pimentel III
Assets: P18,004,720
Liabilities: 0
Net worth: P18,004,720
2013 SALN Net Worth: P16,996,000.00 (5.94% Increase)

23. Senator Francis Joseph ‘Chiz’ Escudero
Assets: P6,049,082.09
Liabilities: 0
Net worth: P6,049,082.09
2013 SALN Net Worth: P8,243,820.21 (26.62% Decrease)

24. Senator Antonio Trilllanes IV
Assets: P13,459,000
Liabilities: P7,910.000
Net worth: P5,549,000
2013 SALN Net Worth: P4,912,000.00 (12.97% Increase)