Let’s Sign the Petition to Screen Heneral Luna Movie in Philippine Schools or Public Places

Heneral Luna petition

A petition to the Department of Education (Deped), CHED, as well as the national and local government has been posted online to let the Heneral Luna movie be shown in the Philippine schools or public places. As we all know, this masterpiece by Jerrold Tarog features the life and death of Heneral Antonio Luna (played by John Arcilla), who served under the revolutionary government of Heneral Emilio Aguinaldo (played by Mon Confiado).

Produced by Artikulo Uno Productions and released nationwide on September 9, 2015, the Heneral Luna movie reportedly had an estimated budget of P80 million. According to a tweet of director Tarog this Saturday, September 26, the film has already reached the P100-million mark. This is despite the fact that historical films usually do not sell a lot.

In addition, students with valid school ID gets a 50% discount. But sad to say, pirated copies are being sold and are being patronized. In fact, Epy Quizon (who portrayed Apolinario Mabini) posted a photo of him on Facebook holding a pirated copy of Heneral Luna, with the caption, “Sarili pinili nyo eh!!! (You chose only yourself!!!), along with fellow actor, Nicco Manalo.

Epy Quizon Heneral Luna pirated copy

Credit: Epy Quizon Facebook

Heneral Luna movie received huge praises from movie critics, moviegoers, and netizens as well. Various Facebook pages were created to promote the movie, along with tons of Heneral Luna memes. Last week, the said film was announced as the Philippines’ official entry to the upcoming 88th Academy Awards (Oscars 2016) for the Best Foreign Language Film category.

But why should we sign the petition to screen Heneral Luna in Philippine schools or in public places? What will be its effect to young students? Will their young minds be able to appreciate such kind of movies? Won’t they be confused considering that both Emilio Aguinaldo and Heneral Luna are being praised as heroes in history books?

We at TN strongly believe that every Filipino (especially students) should watch Heneral Luna. And yes, many students may have already read about him. But not all of them really know what happened to him? In fact, I don’t remember my history teacher explaining us how Andres Bonifacio and Heneral Antonio Luna died, and how Aguinaldo led his government.

While it is true that there are really no strong evidences proving that Aguinaldo is the mastermind, we believe that the public deserves to know that there were allegations. Every Filipino deserves to know that dirty politics already exists even during that time. Every student should know the people who fought to have the freedom they are now enjoying.

Yes, the Heneral Luna movie may not be 100% accurate as some characters like young journalist Joven (played by Arron Villaflor) are only fictional. But if we analyze it deeper, his name means ‘young’ in Spanish, and Joven he symbolizes the youth who want to know the truth but are being suppressed by people in power. And yes, this still happens today.

Apparently, Heneral Luna is Rated 13 which means only people aged 13 and above are allowed to watch, simply because it has some scenes not fit for young viewers. However, we believe that Direk Jerrold Tarog and his team can easily re-edit the film for young audience. We just wish that the ‘Spolarium’ scene will not be removed because we believe it is the most artistic. part.

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Heneral Luna spolarium

We at TN have already signed the Heneral Luna petition and we encourage every Filipino to sign too. This will not help stop piracy, but will also show us the creativity of our filmmakers. But more importantly, it will teach us great lessons about patriotism. As the famous tagline of the movie asks, “Bayan o sarili? Mamili ka!”” (Country or yourself? You choose!) To sign the petition, visit Change.org.

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