Lawmaker Proposes Rizal Monument to Turn Around, Instead of Demolishing Torre de Manila

RIzal monument Torre de Manila

A very intelligent lawmaker in Manila gave a suggestion as a solution to end the debate about the controversial Torre de Manila for being a ‘national photobomber.’. Well, he proposed that the Jose Rizal monument to be turned around or to do an about-face. And no, this is not a joke or a satire news.

As reported at ABS-CBN News, Congressman Amado Bagatsing is set to submit a proposal to make the Rizal monument facing the city of Manila instead of Manila Bay. A Representative of the fifth district of Manila, Bagatsing said his basis for his proposal is that Jose Rizal is a traitor if he is facing the bay.

To remind you how intelligent he Congressman Bagatsing is, he said during a House session on August 6, 2012 that he is opposing the votes for the RH Bill to be done that day. According to him, 6 is the number of the devil. During his speech, he said RH Bill is not necessary because the country’s economy is doing well.

By the way, the intelligent lawmaker, who has been in the House of Representative since 2007, also said that the carabao statues at Luneta are facing the city instead of Manila Bay. Now, I’m starting to wonder how he was able to connect the Rizal monument to the poor, helpless carabao statues. Let’s blame PNoy for this.

But unexpectedly, the the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) had the patience to oppose the suggestion of Congressman Bagatsing. According to NCCA Legal Counsel, Atty. Trixie Angeles, making the Rizal monument to do an about-face is the ultimate solution to the problem. Obviously, she is right.

Meanwhile, the DMCI Homes, the developer of Torre de Manila, insists that the 46-storey condominium is not really blocking the Rizal monument. The company said that there are also high-rise buildings near the national monuments in China, Cuba and Indonesia, with Torre de Manila being 870 meters away from the national shrine.

We can recall that the Supreme Court issued a TRO last June 16 to stop the construction of Torre de Manila. This is their response to the request of Order of the Knights of Rizal, which said that the construction has violated the existing laws and guidelines in protecting historical landmarks, under the 1987 Constitution.

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