Kris Aquino, Martin Nievera to Sue Pinoy Facebook User for Spreading False News

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Screenshot Credit: Dwayne Anglo Facebook

Kris Aquino and Martin Nievera are both planning to sue a Filipino Facebook user for allegedly spreading false news on the said social network. According to both celebrities, tons of Facebook users hate them for something that is never true and that there is no such news reports at all.

For Kris Aquino, a screenshot image of a news report from Philstar has spread on Facebook stating that she cancelled the TV show of Judy Ann Santos over their misunderstanding about the Fallen 44. This resulted to tons of negative comments against her and her brother, President Noynoy Aquino.

Earlier, Kris Aquino unfollowed Judy Ann Santos on Instagram after the latter posted a 2011 photo of US President Barack Obama cancelling his trip to attended the arrival honors of fallen troops, with the caption, “Just saying…Obama knows his priorities…” Kris and Juday are now in good terms again.

Meanwhile, Kris Aquino said that she asked Philstar if they reported that she cancelled Juday’s game show, “Bet On Your Baby” at ABS-CBN. The presidential sister said that the newspaper categorically denied the report, but confirmed that they reported the controversy between her and Juday.

Kris said she initially had no plans of suing the Facebook user who spread the false news report because she cannot trace who started it. But on Wednesday, she said she learned that his good friend, singer Martin Nievera suffered from the same fate, but on different situation and different local website.

For Nievera, a screenshot image of a news report from is now spreading on Facebook, with the headline, “Martin: I Ask Pnoy to Charge Online Libel Against Bashers.” According to the 53-year old iconic singer, he contacted the PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and asked about it.

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Screenshot Credit: Dwayne Anglo Facebook denied the report and told Nievera that their latest report about him and PNoy is on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, with the headline,” Martin Nievera Defends PNoy and Kris Aquino from Bashers.” The paper’s interview to Martin happened during the presscon of his upcoming Valentine’s Day concert.

Nievera confirmed his interview by some reporters but categorically denied that he asked PNoy to file libel charges against his bashers. He told TN that he respects the opinion of others, but he never gave the said advice to President Aquino. PEP also confirmed that there’s no such report on their site.

“I will understand if and Philstar are both satire news sites, but they’re not. All of their news reports are real and therefore all their readers will believe them. I also think many Facebook users easily believe everything they see without even doing some research first.” Martin Nievera told TN.

Nievera added his aide learned that a certain Dwayne Anglo shared the false news about him. Apparently, he is also the same person who shared the false report about Kris Aquino. Both posts were initially posted on groups, not on his wall. The groups are private, and members are approved by admin.

In addition, the photos on the screenshots posted on Facebook were exactly the same photos attached on the real news. Nievera said he sent a Private Message to Dwayne Anglo but no reply has been made yet. He said he and Kris will sue him if he will not remove the two posts and will not make a public apology.

As of posting, Dwayne Anglo has not responded on this issue. However, it’s not clear as to whether Dwayne Anglo maliciously edited the headlines to create controversy, or he is not aware that the post is not true. Based on his Facebook profile, he is from Bacolor, Pampanga but lives in Quezon City.

In relation to this, social media expert Jane Torial told TN that all Facebook users should always do a research first on Google before they believe, comment, and share posts on Facebook. Besides avoiding a lawsuit, she said it will also help a lot in avoiding spreading of spam posts on the social network.

Update: As of 6:20 pm., Wednesday, February 11, 2015, the aide of Mr. Martin Nievera told TN that the Facebook account of Dwayne Anglo and the FB group where the said screenshots of the two false news were initially posted have already been deleted.

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