Kris Aquino, Herbert Bautista Share Sweet Moments on Kris TV (Video)

Herbert Bautista Kris TV 2015

Is Kris Aquino back in the arms of Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista? No one knows, but all we know is that they shared sweet and funny moments together when Herbert was a guest of Kris on her daily morning show at ABS-CBN, ‘Kris TV.” Below is a video clip of Mayor Bistek when he appeared on the said show.

On the said episode, K Brosas, Kris’ co-host, asked her and Herbert if they believe in ‘forever.’ The 44-year old presidential daughter said, ‘No,’ but her former boyfriend said, ‘Yes.’ Apparently, Kris appeared to feel awkward when Herbert looked at her, as she almost dropped her cup on the table, but insisted she has no issues.

In another portion of the interview, Herbert apologized to Kris while they were eating, and sweetly offered her some food. Then, Mayor Bistek asked Kris as to what ‘combination of keys’ he needs so her heart will be opened again. Kris giggles, adding that she felt embarrassed. Later, Herbert asked her again what she’s looking for a man.

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In case you did not know, Kris and Herbert had a short-live romance back in 2014. In an episode of Aquino and Abunda Tonight show that year, the Queen of All Media admitted that they were dating, with the permission of her brother, President Noynoy Aquino. But for whatever reason, they broke up but remained as friends.

Last April, Kris Aquino posted a lengthy blog post on her official website, revealing some details of her past relationship with Herbert. According to Kris, Herbert proposed marriage to her on the first Friday of April 2014, a week before he broke up with her. But last May, Kris clarified that she and Herbert were never lovers.

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Last Thursday, June 2, K Brosas posted a photo on her Instagram account, showing her, Kris and Herbert during the taping. The comedienne noted the she is the founder of the latest love team, ‘Kristek.’ The showing of the full episode of Kris TV with Mayor Herbert Bautista as guest will be aired this coming Monday, July 7.

Apparently, Kris and Herbert will do a movie together for the first time via Star Cinema. ‘Mr and Mrs Split,’ which will be shown on December 25, 2015 (Christmas Day) as an official entry to the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), will be directed by Antoinette Jadaone, who directed the highly-acclaimed movie, ‘That Thing Called Tadhana.’

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