Kris Aquino Defends Ex-Boyfriend, QC Mayor Herbert Bautista: “Bistek is Not a Drug Lord Protector”

Kris Aquino Herbert drugs

Kris Aquino finally breaks her silence over the alleged involvement of her ex-boyfriend, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista in illegal drugs. This is after Quezon City Councilor Hero Bautista (Herbert’s younger brother) identified himself as “a victim of the drug menace” during his privilege speech during a city council meeting this Monday, August 15.

That day, Hero Bautista did not admit that he was the QC councilor who failed the drug test. Instead, he noted that he will be “volunteering to embark on a journey; a journey of soul-searching and self-discovery.” The younger Bautista, who will be on “sick leave,” also assured the public that he will be stronger and more mature once he returns.

Nevertheless, Hero emphasized that the QC mayor is not involved with his personal problem, and that his Kuya Herbert is and never was a drug lord coddler. In a short interview with the press after his speech, Harlene Bautista (Herbert and Hero’s sister) said that Hero’s current situation is very painful for the family, requesting everyone to pray for him.

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Mayor Herbert Bautista, who was not present when Councilor Hero delivered his speech, has not yet commented on this issue. But last week, he reportedly admitted during a meeting with his staff that it Hero was tested positive for marijuana and shabu. On the same meeting, he stressed out that he will not use his influence to protect his brother.

Meanwhile, Kris Aquino attended the opening of second branch of’ Ka Tunying’s café of Anthony Taberna. the Queen of All Media is known to be a good friend of the ABS-CBN news anchor-journalist and his wife. The former presidential sister has not been active in social media recently, and told ABS-CBN that she got sick and is now under medication.

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But In an ambush interview, Kris Aquino was asked about Herbert Bautista’s alleged involvement in illegal drugs. “I know him too well; he (Mayor Herbert) hates drugs. And I really believe that Bistek will not allow himself to be a drug lord protector. I just hope his family will overcome whatever trials are coming right now.” She replied with a smile.