Kris Aquino Cool Reply to Instagram Basher Who Said Bimby Looks Gay

Kris Aquino Bimby Instagram

Credit: Kris Aquino Instagram

A Kris Aquino basher on Instagram recently tested her patience, and said that her son Bimby looks like a gay. But unlike before when she easily gets mad, the 44-year old presidential sister made a epic reply the basher would never expect. In fact, I think no one will expected Kris could do such a thing.

Last Wednesday, June 24, Kris Aquino posted a photo of Bimby on her Instagram account, @withlovekrisaquino. As shown in the photo above, Bimby is wearing a white T-shirt and a golden necklace, and of course, a sweet smile. At 8 years old, you can see the innocence on his face.

Along with the photo is the caption of Kris that she and Bimby have been practicing their conversational Filipino, and that if she asks him in Tagalog, he should also answer it in Tagalog. So Kris asked Bimby, “Sinong mahal mo?” (Who is your love?) Bimby replied, “Siyempre, ikaw (You, of course)

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However, it did not take long when Instagram user @angelo_pogi20 commented on the photo, “parang bakla si Bimby” (Bimby looks gay). But instead of getting mad, Kris Aquino checked the profile of the basher, and found out that he is not wearing a brief. The Queen of All Media had a cool response afterwards.

“Papatol na sana ko, but I had the good sense of checking young IG, omg where can I send the Bench GCs (gift certificate) so you can buy proper underwear? Act of charity ko na.” Kris Aquino wrote on Instagram. The basher later apologized and deleted his comment. Her followers also defended her, and got mad at the basher.

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Kris Bimby gay basher reply

Meanwhile, another basher @gelpusda asked Kris if the necklace of Bimby was wearing came from the money of Hacienda Luisita. Kris immediately replied to him, and said that it came from their hard work. She even told the basher to trying working hard so he can also be happy.

Apparently, this recent attitude of Kris towards her bashers is directly opposite to what she did last January, when a basher commented that Bimby is gay. That time, she told the basher to tell it to her in front of her face, and that as a mother, she is always ready to fight those who will bully her son.

For us here at TN, we salute how Kris Aquino handled the situation. As a mother, it is but normal to defend her son against bullies. But thinking how to respond against bullying requires to be smart. Ms. Aquino is not a perfect person, and had many mistakes in life. But still, no one has the right to bully someone, period.

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