Kris Aquino Apologizes After Being Criticized Over ‘Quits Na Tayo’ APEC Summit Joke

Finally, Kris Aquino apologized this Saturday, November 21, 2015 for her ‘Quits Na Tayo’ joke she wrote on her official Instagram account last Thursday, November. That day, she also posted her photo showing her sunburns, noting that it is ‘equal’ to what commuters and motorists suffer during the heavy traffic in Manila caused by the APEC Summit 2015.

Wrapped in a towel, Kris Aquino’s photo taken by her son, Bimbi, showed her back with sunburns, which she said she got while leading the APEC Summit activities at Fort Santiago. She said she was about to go to sleep when she decided to post the photo “so we can all have a good laugh tonight sa karma ng kaartehan ko,” and tried to crack a jokes about it.

“Quits na tayo sa lahat ng nahirapan mag commute these past few days, patas ang mundo, patche patche naman ang balat ko. ✌?￰゚リリ? #LaughterIsTheBestMedicine (I drank Paracetamol kasi parang lalagnatin ako sa init ng balat ko, any sunburn suggestions?) GOOD NIGHT. #LoveLoveLove” Kris Aquino (@withlovekrisaquino) wrote.

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Kris Aquino quits na tayo APEC joke

Credit: Kris Aquino Instagram

However, many netizens were not amused about her joke and calling her insensitive on the APEC traffic issue. Many of them said that Kris Aquino should not compare her sunburns to the sufferings people endured as they walked the roads of Manila so they can go to work. On the other hand, some netizens noted that Kris is only joking and should not be taken seriously.

“I humbly apologize for my failed attempt at self deprecating humor Thursday night that came across as being spoiled and insensitive. I’M SORRY…In the future, I will leave to joking to Vice Ganda. Promise.” The caption reads on Kris Aquino’s post on Instagram this Saturday morning, writing also, “Have a wonderful, stress free, love filled weekend ahead of you.”

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Kris Aquino sorry APEC joke

Credit: Kris Aquino Instagram

We at TN understand the people complaining about Kris Aquino’s joke as walking that far and being late at work is not a laughing matter. On the other hand, we believe that Kris is just using humor to show the people that she also had her own suffering. But unfortunately, we cannot please everybody. And yes, we think that Kris should stop trying to be a comedian.


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