Korina Sanchez Sells Her Expensive Watch for a Noble Cause, Plans to Sell Paintings Too

Korina Sanchez admits selling her expensive watch, but says it was for a noble cause. The wife of former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas who is running for president in the 2016 election said she sold her watch to buy artificial legs for a maid (kasambahay). The exact price of Korina’s watch was not known but a recent report at Inquirer Bandera said it costs millions of pesos.

According to the paper, Korina Sanchez talked to some showbiz reporters recently in a Christmas party organized by her husband, Mar Roxas. On that occasion, the 51-year old award-winning ABS-CBN broadcast journalist explained why she decided to sell her watch sometime in 2007, noting that she was inspired to help a kasambahay named Che Che.

“Aanhin ko ‘yun, sobrang mahal. One and a half years, nasa kahon ha, brand new. On my 50th birthday, I wanted a concert. Ako lang at puro mga kaibigan ko ang papalakpak sa akin. “I had a repertoire, hindi natuloy. Na-depress ako kasi namatay ang auntie ko. So hindi natuloy…I decided to buy artificial legs.” Korina Sanchez was quoted telling the reporters.

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“She is a housemaid. Eight years ago, maid siya. Sumulat sa akin. Humihingi ng pamasahe. Nang malaman kong wala siyang legs, sabi ko, ‘Bigyan ko kaya ito?’ Binigyan ko siya (ng paa). One year later, she is a mountaineer. She climbed Mt. Pulag and she met her husband while mountaineering, Amerikano. Ang ganda ng buhay niya ngayon!” Korina added.

Sanchez said she met Che Che again, and then she realized that here artificial legs cost P40,000, noting that if she decides to buy 50 of them, she is likely to spend around P2 million. Nevertheless, she said it became her advocacy to help disabled people who need help. She even posted a photo of her with the children on her official Instagram page, along with her admission that she indeed sell her luxury watch just to buy artificial legs for the poor, disabled children.

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Korina Sanchez sells watch buys artificial legsKorina Sanchez sells watch buys artificial legs message

Credit: Korina Sanchez Instagram

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When asked if Mar Roxas gives her expensive gifts, Korina said her husband is not a materialistic person. So instead of giving her pricey jewelries, he gives her educational gifts such as life coaching seminar in London. The ‘Rated K’ host emphasized that she never asks money from Mar, and that rumors saying that he gives him huge amount of money are not true.

Korina added that she also plans to sell some paintings despite the fact that they have sentimental value to her. She said she plans to help more people, and joked that she is already poor because she is not receiving salary from TV Patrol where she temporarily left early this year. Rumors said she was fired by ABS-CBN management but she has categorically denied it.

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Meanwhile, Korina Sanchez also denied rumors that the camp of Mar Roxas paid over P20 million to KathNiel (Daniel Padilla and Kathryn  Bernardo in exchange of their endorsement to Mar Roxas in 2016. She said Karla Estrada (Daniel’s mother) is her friend, and that they first asked her before the popular Kapamilya love team agreed to support Mar’s candidacy.


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