Ka Eduardo Manalo’s Wife is the Cause of All the Conflicts Inside the Iglesia ni Cristo?

INC Angel Tenny Eduardo Manalo

One of the reasons of the on-going conflicts within the Manalo family of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) is Ka Babylyn Manalo, wife of INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo. This is according to an insider who talked to Philstar, which published the story this Saturday, August 1, 2015. Ka Eduardo is the oldest son of Eraño “Ka Erdy” Manalo, INC’s former head.

“From what I know, Ka Erdy found out that Ka Eddie’s wife Babylyn was planning to organize a new Iglesia. They were previously evicted from the central office [after the incident]. Ka Babylyn is one of the reasons for this conflict. She is the ally of the Sanggunian (church council) and from what I know, she is their boss,” The source told the paper.

“We don’t know who would really lead the INC. In 1999, Ka Eduardo was appointed as the deputy executive minister, but Ka Erdy took it away from him when he discovered that his son’s wife was trying to establish a new religious sect,” The source added, noting that Ka Angel Manalo does not want the “church leadership” because he loves his brother.

Apparently, the same source claimed that Ka Angel has been trying to talk to Ka Eduardo since 2014. The younger Manalo was said to be wanting to tell this brother to “clean the corruption” within the church. However, the Sanggunian is allegedly blocking him and doing everything so that the two brothers could not talk to each other.

Ka Eduardo Manalo became the INC Executive Minister in September 2009, shortly after his father Ka Erdy passed away. In a recent interview by Karen Davila to former INC minster Joy Yuson, who was also the Administrative Coordinator of Gem Net (INC’s media channel), he said he discovered the corruption within the church in 2010.

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According to Yuson, the Sanggunian created “Lingap sa Mamamayan” (Aid To Humanity) program, where members were asked to donate money, which was supposed to be used to help calamity victims. This program, which Yuson said that the donations reach P1 billion a week around the world, is not existing during the time of Ka Erdy.

The expelled INC minister told Ms. Davila that it is very easy to see the corruption inside the church. Allegedly, the ministers and their wife inside the ‘Central” are living lavishly, contrary to the simple life of ordinary ministers which is according to their doctrine. Later, Yuson said that Babylyn Manalo established New Gem in 2014, which started the conflict in the family.

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Yuson added that Ka Babylyn did not like the way Ka Erdy disciplined her. And when the latter passed away, she allegedly created conflicts among the Manalo siblings, including their mother, Ka Tenny Manalo. He later said Ka Eduardo has not been talking to her mother for six years. He said the only solution to solve the problem in the INC depends on Ka Eduardo.

Incidentally, the issue of Babylyn Manalo being the cause of all the troubles within the Manalo family was also reported at Politiko last week. Based on the report, there was an open letter to Ka Eduardo and his family in June 2013, asking Ka Babylyn if she has been meddling the administration of the Iglesia ni Cristo, and is she is the reason of all the conflicts.

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