Julieta de Lima, CPP Founder Joma Sison’s Wife, to Help Kin Sen de Lima be Released From Jail?

Yes, Senator Leila de Lima is related to Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison. There were earlier rumors that Sison’s wife, Julieta de Lima is the sister of Sen de Lima. But no, they are not. However, the Liberal Party (LP) has admitted that they are distant relatives. Nevertheless, new rumors now reveal that Juliet will help her.

“Well if you’re asking about Julie de Lima, the wife of Joma Sison, well I’ve never denied that. Many people know that the family of Juliet are our relatives.” De Lima said in an interview on ANC’s Top Story back in 2009 when she was still the chief of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), confirming that she and Juliet de Lima are distant relatives.

“I even asked my father a few minutes ago, because I’m also not sure – all I know is that [she is a] distant relative. And my father is also not very sure, [but] he said it is probably the third degree. Third cousin, they are third cousins. He is third cousins with Juliet and her siblings.” she added, admitting that all the De Limas in Iriga City are their relatives.

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Nevertheless, De Lima then denied that her relationship with Juliet de Lima is not a hindrance to be committed in her job as the CHR chief. She also denied being biased the CCP in terms of protecting the human rights, and reminded the public that her father, Vicente de Lima used to be a commissioner of the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Unfortunately, we at Taho News cannot trace the original source of the rumor that Juliet de Lima will help Sen de Lima in her drug-related cases. What we know is that former President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III visited her at the PNP Custodial Center, inside Camp Crame this Thursday. Reports said that they talked for about two hours.

Incidentally, Sen. De Lima was the Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary during the past administration. It was also that time she was allegedly involved in the proliferation of illegal drugs inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP). On the other hand, the late former Senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr, Noynoy’s father, allegedly had an alliance with the CCP.



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