Jim Paredes Praises President Duterte on ‘Separation’ from US, Recalls APO Song ‘American Junk’ (Video)

For the first time, iconic singer-composer Jim Paredes praised President Rodrigo Duterte. A known supporter of Liberal Party (LP), the former APO Hiking Society member has been criticizing Duterte even during his presidential campaign. But now, it appears that Jim Paredes had a change of heart, especially on the issue of US-Philippine relationship.

“Ok. I have seen the light. Dut kicking out US finally made APO’s American Junk a reality, 27 years later. Better late than never.” Jim Paredes tweeted this Sunday, October 23 to his 1.1 million Twitter followers. But for whatever reason, the said tweet has been deleted in less than an hour after it went public. As of posting, he has not yet tweeted again.

Nevertheless, Jim Paredes was referring to APO’s anti-US song ‘ American Junk’ released in 1987. In case you have not heard it, watch the music video below. As you can see, Danny Javier poses as Pidro, a typical Filipino. On the other hand, Boboy Garovillo and Jim Paredes are dressed like Americans, and both wearing with a pair of sunglasses.

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“I don’t need your technology. You just want my natural resources. And then you leave me poor and in misery. Third world blues is what I got Troubles, yes I got a lot.” The first part of the lyrics of ‘American Junk’ says, as it obviously criticizes America. On the chorus, the song is clearly demanding the US to get out of Filipinos’ bloodstream and system.

Apparently, the message of the song is what President Duterte has been trying to convey the world lately. During his speech in China, he announced his separation from the US, both in military and economics. His bold and fearless statements earned mixed reactions locally and internationally, and US and Japan requested Duterte to elaborate it further.

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So on Saturday upon his arrival from China, President Duterte clarified his statement during a press conference in Davao City. According to the president, he was only referring to his proposed implementation of an independent foreign policy in the Philippines, and not severance of ties. He emphasized that the US-Philippines relationship is still intact.



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