Jim Paredes Compares His Confrontation at Pro Duterte Rally to Jesus Christ, Arnell Ignacio Reacts

Jim Paredes compared his confrontation at Pro Duterte Rally at the People Power Monument Saturday, February 25 to an activity by no less than Jesus Christ, as written in the Bible. The legendary singer was referring to the incident when he accused the members of Duterte Youth of disrespecting the 31th 1986 EDSA People Power celebration.

“Jesus went physical against merchants who disrespected temple. Was he wrong? ‘Bullying’ ba to go verbal on ppl who disrespect EDSA rally?” Jim Paredes (@Jimpareded) tweeted this Sunday. Netizens got furious, and asked him if he is comparing himself to Jesus. “What’s different aside from me not obviously being Jesus?” He replied.

“Look at me! Look at me! Ha. Deny your conscience, look at me. Di ka makatingin ano. (You can’t look, can you?) You can’t even look. Duwag! (Coward)” Paredes said to a Duterte Youth member face-to-face. Shortly, he confronted another one, and accused him of receiving money in exchange of attending the pro-Duterte rally.

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“Why did you sell your soul? Ultimately when you die you will answer that. I’m asking you now so you don’t have to wait till you die,” The APO Hiking Society singer told him. He also criticized the reported EJKs (extra-judicial killings) in the intensified war against illegal drugs in the Duterte administration. Most of the Duterte supporters did not answer back.

On Twitter, netizens have different reactions on Jim Paredes’ attitude towards the Duterte supporters. Nevertheless, some of them said his act was inappropriate regardless of being pro-Duterte or pro-Liberal Party. But on his official Facebook page this Sunday, veteran singer-comedian Arnell Ignacio called Paredes a bully and challenged him to a debate.

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“Shouting at those kids, who were just standing there and holding on to a tarpaulin stating their beliefs. EDSA is no exclusivity. Why don’t you take somebody who will answer you back? Si Bruce Rivera, o kaya ako (or me)? Let’s do this!” Ignacio said, who supported the candidacy of President Duterte. On the other hand, Paredes supported Mar Roxas.



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