Jam Sebastian Wakes Up, Writes “I Love You” on Paper

Jam Sebatian I Love You

Credit: Mich Liggayu Facebook

Update: Jam Sebastian Dead: Jam of Jamich Passes Away at 28

Jam Sebastian wakes up on Friday, February 27, and wrote “I Love You” on a piece of paper. This is despite the fact the Pinoy YouTube star is battling with lung cancer Stage 4 and is now in life support. This latest Jam Sebastian update was posted by Paolinne Michelle Liggayu on her Facebook page.

“Biglang nagising si Jam ngayon. Naging malinaw yung eyes niya. Tinanong ko siya kung anong feeling kung parang bagong gising lang ba na biglang may energy, nag nod siya.” Mich Liggayu wrote on her official Facebook page at around 4 pm, Friday, with a photo of the paper where Jam wrote “I love you.”

“Jam has just suddenly wakes up. His eyes were clear. I asked him what he feels, if he feels like he just woke up full of energy. He nodded.)

“Oo daw. Di pa siya makasalita kaya humingi kami ng pen and paper. Kasi baka may gusto siya sabihin. Ayan sinulat niya para samin lahat. Solid!…Ngayon sleep na siya ulit.” Mich added, who has been patiently taking care of Jam since

(Yes, he said. He still cannot talk so we asked a pen and a paper, because we think he wanted to say something. And here, he wrote this for all of us. Solid!…Now, he falls asleep again.)

“Doctor Charity Gorospe, Jam’s lead cancer doctor is explaining to us the reality of Jam’s condition. All vital signs are weak and that it is a fight that we will not win over.” Christopher Liggayu, Mich’ father wrote on his Facebook page also on Friday.

“She also added that what we are doing to Jam right now is just prolonging his pain if we keep him under meds and the ventilator. It is a given fact that we have lost the battle. He is just alive because of the meds and will not recover anymore.” Mr. Liggayu added.

Jam Sebastian hospital

Credit: Christopher Liggayu Facebook

“It is so painful for a mother, father, brother and love ones to let go of Jam. But let us just accept the fact that Jam will no longer win this fight. Dear Jesus, again we are in pain. We are lost for words on how to overcome each others emotion right now.” The older Liggayu said further.

Prayers for Sebastian from friends and fans immediately poured in on social media after news of his latest condition surfaced. TV host-actress Kris Aquino was latest to visit Jam Sebastian at St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City. Comedian Vice Ganda also visited Jam early this month.

Jam Sebastian and Mich Liggayu started to become YouTube stars back in 2011. The couple, also known as Jamich became a famous real life love team on the web. Millions of Filipinos followed their journey via YouTube channel Jamich TV, and on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Jam was diagnosed with lunch cancer Stage 4 in March 2014. Last May 11, Mich proposed marriage to Jam at the Philippine International Convention Center after being a couple since 2008. Jam Sebastian was born on March 20, 1986.



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