Isuzu Customer Says He Was Ignored Because He Wore Simple Clothes, Isuzu Issues Statement

Rienhard Celis Strada Isuzu ignored

Reinhard Celis and his Mitsubishi Strada; Credit: Reinhard Celis Facebook

Meet Reinhard Celis, who claims he was supposed to buy an Isuzu DMAX 4X4 pick-up from a car dealership in Bacolod last month. But according to him, he was ignored by the salesman, and was passed on to different people because he was wearing shorts and slippers. Later, he decided to buy another brand of car.

On his Facebook post on July 2, 2015, Celis said he went to Isuzu Bacolod car dealership to inquire about the prize of an Isuzu DMAX pick-up. However, he said the front desk personnel talked nonsense and kept him waiting for 5 minutes. As a paying customer, he said he was upset when it appears that he was ignored because of his attire.

Celis, who is chef by profession, added that he went home sad and was not able to buy his dream truck. But shortly, he called his bank and ordered a Mitsubishi Strada pick-up, which arrived in front of his house within 2 hours only. He then gives advice not to judge your neighbor, who might be watching your house if you’re not around.

I wanted to buy Isuzu DMAX then I went to Isuzu company but the sad story is they don’t intertain me of what I wear,pasapasahan ko Nila salesman ky gin Ina gid Nila ang naka attire nga ga check man car,I approach the front desk to ask how much is the DMAX 4×4 and she answer me with a nonsense and to keep me wait for more than 5mnts,I ask the security why they don’t intertain people just wearing simple dress and slipper?the guard just give a smile,this is what I wear when I went their,so I came back home sad,after a while I call my bank to deliver me strada pick up sports,after 2hrs it’s here infront of me,learn and lesson for this people,don’t ever judge your neighbor,they can look after your house while you are not around,wahahaha,now I have my new strada sports pick up truck.

This Tuesday, July 7, the Southern Auto Mart & Trading Corporation (SAMTC), which is by the way Isuzu Bacolod’s formal company name, issued an official statement on the issue. The letter was signed by SAMTC President and General Manager Bing Uy Jr, who apologized to what happened to Reinhard Celis.

According to Mr. Uy, they talked to the concerned personnel and watched the CCTV of the entire incident. It appears that Celis’ claim that it took him time inside the Isuzu Bacolod car dealership is true. Mr. Uy admitted that Reinhard was misdirected to other departments, and it took him around 20 minutes before he was entertained.

But although SAMTC admitted their shortcomings on this issue, their president assured the public that they entertain every person who comes inside their establishment. Mr. Uy even emphasized that many of their regular customers come to them wearing shorts and slippers, and that Isuzu Bacolod does not discriminate anyone.

From the four screenshots of the CCTV video, Celis can be seen in different locations of the car dealership, including the showroom and the whole stockyard. He was attended by Isuzu Bacolod personnel, and even had a quotation before he left. However, it was not clear if the actual conversation can be heard.

Below is the complete official statement of Isuzu Bacolod on the issue, and the screenshots of the CCTV video:

We are very sorry about the unpleasant experience expressed by Mr. Reinhard Celis in our company, Isuzu Bacolod, last June 29, 2015. We have talked with the persons involved to get their side and have reviewed CCTV footage [taken] during the visit of Mr. Celis, and we have established that Mr. Celis was first misdirected to our Parts and Accessories Department, and was directed back to Sales, wherein he had a couple of minutes’ wait before he was attended to by our Sales Executives, Ms. Tina Montero and Mr. Elmo Genosa, for about 20 minutes. Mr. Genosa also brought him to our motorpool area to show him some units. On his way out of our showroom, Mr. Celis talked to our guard, to whom he commented about not being properly attended to.

On behalf of the management and staff of Isuzu Bacolod, I would like to assure Mr. Celis and all our valued customers that we do not condone discrimination of any kind. Many of our regular customers visit us wearing slippers and casual attire, and they are always welcome to stay anywhere in our facility. While we are not discounting the possibility that our SEs did not exert enough effort to attend to Mr. Celis due to multiple deliveries we had at that time, we are positive that Mr. Celis was indeed attended to during his visit.

We thank Mr. Celis for his feedback. As always, we shall strive to be your responsible partner in Bacolod City.

Isuzu Bacolod sorry statement

Credit: Southern Auto Mart & Trading Corporation (SAMTC) Facebook
Isuzu Bacolod CCTV cutomer ignored

Credit: Southern Auto Mart & Trading Corporation (SAMTC) Facebook
Now, let’s analyze the statement of both parties without being bias. First, I think that the claim of Reinhard Celis that he was “ignored because we was wearing shorts and slippers” is subjective. Although we sympathize with him for not being able to buy his dream car, I think that if he really wants it, he should have bought it.

For the record, I’m not criticizing him, but I think it would be better if he ‘tagged’ SAMTC on his Facebook post so he could have received an earlier response from them. I can also assume that he can talk directly to the car dealership manager before he left, so he can include their side of the story on his Facebook post.

For Isuzu Bacolod, I admire their humility in apologizing for the incident. But because they did not upload the entire video with conversation, it is quite difficult for me to believe that their personnel did not really discriminate Celis because of his attire. But anyway, I hope that next time, every person who enters their office will be entertained accordingly.

What do you think?

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