Is This Cat Going Up or Down the Stairs? The Internet Debate Heats Up

Cat going up or down

Don’t worry if you missed the debate about the dress, because the Internet has a new question to answer. A 9gag user posted a photo of a cat walking on a stairs with the title, “Forget About the Dress.” Then he asks, “Is this cat going up or down?” The post has been picked up by social media and tons of popular news sites.

But before you join this latest Internet debate and explain your answer below, please be informed that the same photo and question have been asked at back in 2012. But because it is an Arabic website, some people might have problems understanding the explanations. So now, it’s time for the English version.

So far, the cat photo debate at 9gag has 3,717 comments. Some of them said that the cat is going down the stairs, noting that photo was obviously taken from the lower point. Others said that the front edge of the stair indicates that the cat is going downwards, asking everyone to focus on the architecture of the stairs.

For people who claim they know better about cats, cats going down raise their tail to maintain balance. This was supported by a theory that cats don’t raise their tails when going up simply because they don’t need to balance. Judging from the picture in question, the cat is raising its tail suggesting that it’s going down.

On the other hand, tons of people insist that the cat is going up the stairs. Some of them said that the wood behind the cat is a floor. If it’s a wall, then the cat would be going down or walking backwards which is clearly impossible for the cat. Other commentators noted that cat’s face and tail suggest that it is obviously going up.

Contrary to the earlier claim that cats raise their tail when they are going down, some commentators have a different analysis. Allegedly, the cat on the picture raised its tail because its rear legs push it upward as an extra effort to defy gravity as it walks upwards. Others say that cats look at their steps when going down.

To add confusion, some people suggest that the cat photo is photoshopped to earn debate. They believe that that the cat’s tail has been edited to make it appear like it is raised. There are also architects who said the stairs are designed to confuse the viewers. Others say it would be better if the photo is not black and white.

So far, no one has a very convincing answer as to whether the cat is really going up or down.

What’s your opinion?

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