iPhone 6 Plus Thief Texts Owner, “Your Girlfriend Dumped You”

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A young bachelor from Taguig City, Philippines had one very unlucky day. First, his brand new iPhone 6 Plus was stolen on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 while he is inside the SM Aura Premier in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Then in less than an hour, his girlfriend dumped him. And yes, the smartphone thief was kind enough to text him telling him the bad news, using the victim’s own iPhone 6 Plus unit.

According to BGC Police Community Precinct (PCP) 7 Police Inspector Joselito Dela Cuesta, the man was identified as Celso Dognidon, 23 years old. Based on his statement to the police, at around 7:45 p.m., Mr. Dognidon was supposed to meet his girlfriend for a dinner date somewhere inside the mall. He said he was inside a fast food chain and was checking his iPhone when an identified old man behind him fainted. But because he was surprised, he immediately placed his iPhone 6 on a table and helped him to get up.

The scene attracted other customers and also offered help. They (including Celso) checked the man’s pulse and helped him sit down on a chair. One woman said she will call mall guards so the old man can be checked further. A man told her he will go with her so help will soon arrive. Later, a young man arrived and claimed that he is a relative of the old man. He thanked everyone and the two left the place. The man and woman never returned, and Celso realized that his smartphone is already gone.

The victim said he immediately asked mall guards to help him. But because he could hardly remember their faces, he told them to locate the old man and his companion. However, they were nowhere to be found. Mr. Dognidon went back to his car and got his old cellphone. He tried to call the number of his new iPhone many times but no one answers and eventually went off. This is when he decided to go to the police. Inspector Dela Cuesta said Celso was shaking when he arrived at the station to give his statement.

Police said that few minutes after Mr. Dognidon finished his statement; he took his old cellphone from his pocket and read a new text message. They said they saw the victim dropping of his knees and cried like a child. They gave him a glass of water to drink and told him to relax for awhile. After some more minutes, Celso was still speechless. Nevertheless, he showed them the text message. It reads:

“Pare, sorry. Kailangang kailangan ko lang talaga ng pera kaya ko kinuha ko iPhone mo. Nakita ko kasi sa table habang nagkakagulo kayo sa matanda at natukso ako. Oo nga pala, nagtext sayo si Agnes, girlfriend mo ata yun. Ito message nya – Palagi mo na lang akong pinag-iintay ng matagal tuwing may date tayo. Pinagpapasensiyahan lang kita kahit alam ko puro ka lang palusot. Kanina pa ako nagttxt sau pro d ka nagre reply. Wag na wag mo na akong tatawagan. Break na tayo!”

(I’m sorry. I badly needed money so I took your iPhone. I saw it on a table when everyone was attending to the old man, and I was tempted. By the way, Agnes sent you a text message. I suppose she is your girlfriend. Here is her message – You’re always late on our date. I’ve always tried to understand you even if I know that you’re just making excuses. I’ve been texting you many times earlier but you never replied. Don’t ever call me again. We’re done!)

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