Inspiring: Filipino Doctor’s Fee to His Former Teacher, “Paid 22 Years Ago”

Paid 22 years ago.” – This is what a Filipino doctor wrote on his prescription to one of his patients. Apparently, the doctor was a former student of his patient, whom he described as one of his favorite teachers. In fact, the doctor even reminded her former teacher about the grading system she use to her students, and marked it as 100%, or totally free of charge.

“Just checked out of Perpetual Succour Hospital (in Cebu City).I got this note from the nurses’ station. Thank you for the early Christmas gift, Dr. Dilbert Monicit. Thank you for being there.” Teacher Virginia Padilla Roble of Mandaue City wrote on her Facebook page on December 9, 2015, along with the photo of the Dr. Monicit’s prescription to her, and tagging the doctor.

“It really made me teary eyed when I read it. I thought it was for my medication because it was on a prescription paper.” Teacher Roble wrote as a reply to one of the comments of her post. On her Facebook post dated December 5, 2015, she wrote, “I broke my left forearm yesterday afternoon. I think God wants me to take it easy and stop doing household chores for a while.”

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Just checked out of Perpetual Succour Hospital.I got this note from the nurses’ station. Thank you for the early Christmas gift, Dr. Dilbert Monicit. Thank you for being there.

Posted by Virginia Padilla Roble on Tuesday, December 8, 2015


The exact amount of the Dr. Monicit’s professional fee was not mentioned, but we can assume that it is not cheap considering that he is an orthopedic surgeon. And based on the comments, Virginia Padilla Roble, a high school teacher at St Louis School in Mandaue. has not only been a great teacher to her students, but also served as an inspiration to them.

Meanwhile, we also learned that Dr. Monicit has been a good student and a kind friend to his classmates. In fact, this is not the first time he didn’t charge fees to his patients. One of his former classmates commented that the doctor treated his son and also did not ask for a professional fee. This only proves that teachers are a great influence to their students.

Faith in humanity restored. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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