Iglesia ni Cristo Ministers and Families Held Hostage Inside INC building?

INC building hostage sign

“Hostage” sign on INC building; Credit: Mark Saludes/Rappler

Some Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) church ministers and their families appeared to be held as hostage inside the INC building in Tandang Sora, Quezon City this Thursday, July 23. The alleged incident comes hours after INC General Evangelist Bienvenido Santiago announced that Ka Tenny Manalo and her son, Angel Manalo were expelled from the church ministry.

The photo above shows a huge piece of paper that says, “Tulong, hostage kami.” (Help, we’re held hostage.) were seen by reporters flashed outside the window of the said INC building. The site also includes the central office of Iglesia ni Cristo. Other pieces of paper were also flashed with messages asking for help and “Where are the missing ministers?”

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A piece of paper were also seen on the same window with the message, “Revo Black LGV395 kasama po yan nanggigipit samin, puro armado po yan, ingat tayo lahat.” (Revo Black LGV395 they are also included in the people who are pressuring us, all of them are armed, we should all be careful). The said vehicle was seen near the INC building.

The scenes came a day after Angel Manalo and her mother, Cristina ‘Tenny’ Manalo appeared on a 1:54 minute YouTube video, appealing for help, saying that their lives are in danger. According to Ka Tenny (widow of former INC executive minister Eraño “Erdy” Manalo), some INC members have been abducted.

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INC building armed men sign

Credit: Mark Saludes/Rappler

INC missing minister sign

Credit: Analy Labor via GMA News

Apparently, the statements of the mother-and-son were contradicted by Ka Bienvenido Santiago during a news conference this Thursday morning. He said that the expulsion of Ka Tenny and her son was painful for Brother Eduardo Manalo, the current INC executive minister. He is also the son of Ka Terry and the oldest brother of Ka Angel Manalo.

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Later this afternoon, INC’s Pasugo former editor-in-chief Isaias Samson, Jr. appeared in a press conference and told reporters that he was placed on house arrest after he was suspended from his post. He also said that around 10 other ministers have been abducted, and there have been reports of corruption with the church.

Last Saturday, a certain Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista wrote a post on his blog, ‘Iglesia Ni Cristo – Silent No More’ about the abduction of INC ministers, including Isaias Samson, Jr, his wife Mryna, and his brother Jerson T. Samson Jr. They were allegedly put into house arrest and interrogated by a certain Radel V. Cortez and Matt Pareja.

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