Idina Menzel Sings “Let It Go” Tagalog Version, Live in Manila (Video)

Idina Menzel Let It Go Tagalog version

Idina Menzel pleased the Filipino audience during her concert this Sunday, June 7, 2015 at the Mall of Asia Arena, not only for her spectacular performance, but also for singing the Tagalog version of “Let It Go.” As you can see on the video below, the Broadway star translated some of the lyrics of the song in Tagalog.

For her first song, Idina Menzel sang the first line of her own song, “Defying Gravity.” Then, she sang her version of “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” a song from the Broadway classic, “Funny Girl.” Afterwards, the 44-year old singer sang “Brave” and “I Stand,” the two songs from her third album, “I Stand.”

After singing “The Wizard and I,” Joni Mitchell’s “River,” Cole Porter’s “Love for Sale,” the Tony Award recipient sang a medley of Broadway grand dame Ethel Merman – “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” “Anything Goes” and “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.”

Nevertheless, one of the highlights of Idina Menzel Live in Manila was when she performed Radiohead’s “Creep.” Her version was too emotional as she sings on foot, and dropping the F-bomb as part of the lyrics of the sad song. Later, she sang “Take Me or Leave Me,” a song from her Broadway musical, “Rent.”

Menzel, who sings barefooted, also sang “No Day But Today,” another song from ‘Rent.’ She also sang an a capella version of “For Good,” as song from the musical ’Wicked.’ For her final song, she sang the song that made her popular to the masses, especially the Filipinos – the iconic “Let It Go” from the 2013 movie ‘Frozen.’

Although Idina Menzel have sang this many times in TV guestings and other shows, this is the first time she sang the Tagalog version. At first, the audience could not understand the words. So, she repeated the lines and invited everyone to sing with her. The crowd could not help but to get excited, and sang with her.

“Bumitaw, bumitaw, ‘di ko na matatago. Bumitaw, bumitaw, isarado ang pinto… Lamig ay ‘di ko alintana!” Idina Menzel sang with her cute American accent. She even carried a young girl wearing an Elsa costume before leaving the stage. But of course, she went back to sing two more songs to complete her concert.

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