How Sen De Lima’s Award is Connected to Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Who Asked President Duterte to Resign

Senator Leila de Lima recently received an award from Foreign Policy magazine. Apparently, the Liberal Party (LP) senator was recognized as one of the 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2016 for her stand against President Rodrigo Duterte. However, the said magazine is somehow connected to Fil-American businesswoman Loida Nicolas-Lewis, who wants Duterte to resign.

According to a Facebook post by a certain Leix Valenciano Holt Tuesday, December 13, Filipinos should not be amazed with Sen. De Lima’s award from Foreign Policy magazine. She noted that the founder of this international famous political magazine is Samuel Huntington, a fellow member of Loida Nicolas-Lewis in Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

In addition, Foreign Policy’s CEO and editor David Rothkopf is also a member of CFR. He also became the managing director of Kissinger Associates, the international advisory firm founded and chaired by former US Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, who is being accused as one of America’s mass murderer, particularly in war crimes against humanity.

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Don’t call them if you want to join; they call you. And don’t wait for a call unless you have big money, national security expertise, CIA experience, a political constituency, or clout with the media.” Leix Valenciano Holt bravely wrote, adding that one major activity of Foreign Policy magazine members is to talk secretly with various world leaders.

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We at Taho News checked the background Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Samuel Huntington and David Rothkopf on Google, and have verified that all the three of them are indeed CFR members. We also learned that Kissinger is allegedly involved in a series of war crimes in various countries. It was even written in the 2001 book, ‘The Trial of Henry Kissinger.’

We also found out some controversies about CFR, wherein it was subject of numerous conspiracy theories. Probably the most controversial accusation was made by John Birch Society, which claims that the CFR is “Guilty of conspiring with others to build a one world government.” Nevertheless, this controversy is subject of various debates among experts.



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