How Mocha Uson as MMFF Ambassadress Can Help the Rebirth of the Long Dying Movie Industry

Mocha Uson was recently appointed as Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Ambassadress. Her task is to promote all the movie entries that will be shown on December 25, Christmas Day. The entertainer-blogger will be doing it for free through the help of social media, particularly her official Facebook page that has now over 4.6 million followers.

This is actually the first time that there will be a personality who is specifically assigned to promote MMFF movies since the annual film festival was born back in 1975. But why the need for an ambassador? And why Mocha Uson, who is not a graduate of Arts and not even a journalist? Is it because she supported President Duterte during the last election?

First of all, Filipinos are expecting a huge change in the Duterte administration, and this includes the entertainment industry. Whether you accept it or not, the movie industry has long been “dying” and will be completely “dead” if we will not do something drastic. Thanks to indie films producers who are bravely fighting to keep it alive, and to some international awards we recently received.

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Well, we have to also somehow thank Star Cinema for releasing a few movies a year. And because there is almost no competition today in terms of producing movies with superstars, they can easily decide the kind of movies to be released. However, they are finding it hard to make high quality movies that will also be a blockbuster hit at the same time.

For the past decades, we hear great movie producers, actors and directors complaining about the super-high taxes in making films but getting less support from the government. Not to mention the blatant selling of pirated movies, with many of us use poverty as an excuse in supporting it. Sadly, many of our great directors and actors have already passed away.

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Apparently, some critics say that Christmas is for kids and that going to the movies in this season is a great gift to them. This is absolutely true, but is it also our responsibility to educate them? And yes, we can do it by letting them watch educational and inspiring movies, instead of tolerating some slapstick movies with very, very cheap story line.

Yes, making movies is very expensive and children are the best consumers during Christmas season. And because I’ve been watching MMFF movies since the early 80s, I have witnessed the rise and fall of the local movie industry. As I have realized, the trend of movies depends on the audience, and support from the government is a very huge factor.

I still remember the days when movies are being highly promoted through guesting in TV variety shows and sitcoms. I even remember watching movie critic Mario Hernandez via GMA-7’s ‘Showbiz Magazine’ before watching a local movie. Those days, many slapstick movies are also present but high-quality movies also make huge money in the box-office.

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With Mocha Uson promoting MMFF movies for free, film producers are now to spend less in their promotion. And because of this, there will be an equal opportunity to them in terms of exposure. So, no. I don’t think her appointment is about politics. I think this is about giving a new birth to Philippine movies. After all, this can also somehow help our economy grow.


The above opinion was emailed to us here at Taho News by a certain Diosdado C, who said he is a small business owner from San Pedro, Laguna. We did not mention his surname upon his request to protect his privacy.



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