How MMFF 2015 Winners Results Continue to Insult Filipino Movie Goers

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I have been following the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) since the late 70s. Back then, I just graduated from high school and I have watched numerous movie entries each year. But I must admit, I choose the films I watch. This is why I think the result of the MMFF 2015 winners is very insulting to avid Filipino movie goers like me. Please allow me to explain.

Yes, I am old enough to understand the controversies in the past, and I think the recent MMFF is very disappointing and the result is every hard to accept. And yes, I think it’s even worse than the scam that happened in 1994 courtesy of Lolit Solis’ motherly love for Gabby Concepcion and Ruffa Guiterrez. You may agree or disagree with me, and I don’t mind at all.

Let me start with the disqualification of ‘Honor Thy Father’ (HTF) from the Best Picture Category. As the MMFF stated, the producer of the movie (Reality Entertainment Productions) failed to inform them on time about its participation in the Cinema One Originals Film Festival, and that they were not given enough time to deliberate on the matter.

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For film producer Ronald Stephen Monteverde, he questioned the timing of the disqualification, noting that they were also not informed on time and that there was no due process. I am not a lawyer and I cannot say who is right or wrong. But in my understanding, the problem here is technicalities. In that case, I think the MMFF’s decision is ridiculous.

On the other hand, many people (mostly anti-AlDub) are questioning why Maine Mendoza won the Best Supporting Actress award, considering that ‘My Bebe Love’ is first-ever movie. I must admit, I am an avid follower of Eat Bulaga’s Kalyerse since Day One. I know she can act, but I think her performance is the movie does not deserve the award. Sorry, AlDub Nation.

To be fair, I compared her acting to all other nominees, Iza Calzado (Haunted Mansion), Nova Villa (All You Need Is Pag-Ibig), Kim Molina (Walang Forever), and Lotlot de Leon (Buy Now, Die Later). While I think all of them did great in their respective movies, I think Iza Calzado showed a superb acting, and therefore deserved to win the Best Supporting Actress award.

Now, let’s go to the worst disaster of MMFF 2015. I cannot imagine ‘My Bebe Love’ winning the 3rd place Best Picture. First of all, the story line is very simple and ordinary. Although it was good knowing that there was no ‘kontrabida’ and the ‘kilig factor’ is there, the product endorsements are very rampant, making the film being obviously devoted to advertising.

The comedy is forced, the script is dull, and the editing is I still remember back in 2006 when ‘Enteng Kabisote 3’ won Best Picture and the MMFF said that the commercial appeal is an additional factor to win the award. If this still applies until today, then good luck to local movies.

And to add insult, ‘My Bebe Love’ received the Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Award, which according to the MMFF is “given to best film that best portrays Philippine culture and Filipino people to the world.” I hope someone can convince me the culture of the Filipinos that the film showed, except for the behavior of overprotective adults and the chemistry of AlDub.

But still, I remain a fan of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. At my age and being an average grandfather of two, AlDub has made me feel 30 years younger. In fact, I forced myself to have a Twitter account to support their hashtags. I’m not criticizing any personality, but the crappy MMFF leadership. Please stop insulting me and all Filipino movie goers!

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The above opinion was emailed to us by a certain Diosdado C, who said he is a small business owner from San Pedro, Laguna. We did not mention his surname upon his request to protect his privacy.


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