How Cebu Pacific Lost a Regular Passenger and Will Probably Lose More

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Traveling from Manila to Cebu and vice versa via Cebu Pacific is a regular activity of Bloggista, a business consultant and online entrepreneur. But this Wednesday, May 27, he complained about his bad experience from the airlines, especially from its booking services. Below is his story, as posted on his blog.

According to Bloggista, he booked a two-way flight from Manila to Cebu on April 9, 2015. He said his departure was on Thursday, May 28, and will return on Sunday, May 31. His disappointment started when he decided to leave earlier, and changed his departure date to May 22, and was willing to pay the rebooking fee.

So he went to and personally changed his departure date. For some reasons, he was not able to pay the Php2k+ rebooking fee. It didn’t take half a brain for Bloggista to conclude that because he was not able to pay the said fee, his rebooking transaction is not valid and his departure date is still May 28.

At the night of May 22 (a week after Bloggista made a rebooking which he did not pay for), he visited Cebu Pacific Air’s official website again and noticed that his departure date was May 22 despite the fact that he was not able to pay the rebooking fee. Wait, what? A Cebu Pacific passenger is still booked even he did not pay for it?

After spending long conversation with Cebu Pacific Customer Service personnel over the phone, Bloggista said he was told that his May 28 booking had been cancelled and that his new departure date is May 22 even if he did not settle the rebooking fee. And yes, this is only a part of the problem the airlines is not telling us.

To continue, Bloggista said he decided to make another booking for May 28, accepting the fact he just gave away his hard-earned money for the flight ticket he never used. But here’s the kicker! The Customer Service personnel told him he cannot use his May 31 return ticket unless he pays for the Php2k+ rebooking fee!

On the last part of his blog post, Bloggista said he felt his blood pressure sky-rocketed to about a 10000/100. Nevertheless, he said he was able to maintain his composure and told the airlines’ Customer Service personnel that there’s no point in arguing with her, and that he will just hang up the phone.

TN talked to Bloggista over the phone, and he confirmed to us his haunting experience from Cebu Pacific. He told us he will never stop until he gets justice from the airlines. And yes, he was able to book for another flight, but not via Cebu Pacific. He was very serious when he told us he will not fly with them again, ever.

“Businesses should not make their customers pay for their inefficiencies. Cebu Pacific should be ashamed of their passengers, especially on their booking services. Not having the ability to providing good services is like stealing money from us, passengers. Their cheap flight tickets are not worth spending for.” Bloggista tells TN.

While waiting for a response from Cebu Pacific, TN made a research on some other complaints from their passengers. In reviews, the public shares a common advantage of Cebu Pacific, being a very affordable airline and offering cheap promos. But when it comes to customer service, it seems to be giving nightmares.

We came across the Cebu Pacific Customer Complaints and Reviews at, and found tons of complaints against them. This includes booking and rebooking issues, in-flight problems, meals concerns, rude employees, hidden fees, poor customer services for canceled flights, and many more.

Well, Bloggista may be just an ordinary airplane passenger and Cebu Pacific might think ignoring his problem is easy. However, the airline company should not underestimate the power of the Internet. If Cebu Pacific will not make an action on his complaints, the airlines should not be surprised if they will lose more customers.

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