House Issues Show-Cause Order Vs Sen Leila de Lima, But LP Senator Says She Will Not Honor It

The House committee on justice formally issued the show-cause order against Senator Leila de Lima before the Office of the Senate this Tuesday, November 29. This gives her 72 hours to explain why she should not be cited in contempt. This is after Sen. De Lima told her former driver-bodyguard and lover, Ronnie Dayan to hide from the authorities.

“After due deliberation, the committee resolution to issue a show-cause order directing you to explain why you should not be cited in contempt for unduly interfering with an on-going investigation, in aid of legislation, conducted by the committee,” House Justice Chairman and Oriental Mindoro Rep. Reynaldo Umali wrote on the show-cause order vs De Lima.

“In this regard, you are hereby to explain within 72 hours from receipt of this order, why you should not be cited for contempt for exerting undue influence to Mr. Ronnie Palisoc Dayan, a witness subpoenaed by the committee, and for directing said witness to defy a valid coercive process issued by the committee.” He added, and signed the document.

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The said show-cause order was personally given by House Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas and Rep. Umali to Senate Secretary Lutgardo Barbo, around 11:30 a.m., Tuesday. In a brief interview with reporters, Umali said that Sen. De Lima should respond within 72 hours after she receives her copy, adding that she can do it through her lawyers.

“We don’t have anymore hearings. We just want her to explain so her explanation even through her lawyer will probably suffice unless it becomes necessary that we call her in to explain further if there’s a need for one.” Umali said, noting that the House committee may take appropriate actions against De Lima if she will comply, such as citing her in contempt.

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Show cause order vs Sen.Leila de Lima; Credit: PTV Facebook

As a response, Sen. De Lima told reporters Tuesday afternoon, “I will not be honoring that. I’m not honoring any process or notice from the House committee because I’m not recognizing the jurisdiction of that House committee over me. If I receive that, I will just refer it to the Senate through the Senate President for appropriate action. That is my plan.”



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