Hong Kong Grade 1 Students Solved This Puzzle In 20 Seconds, Can You Solve It Too?

Hong Kong Grade 1 Puzzle Question

Credit: David Bodycombe

Solving puzzles is among the favorite games of young children and adults as well. But in some cases, children can solve puzzles faster than the adults. If you want to me prove me wrong, try to solve the puzzle above given to Grade 1 students in an elementary school in Hong Kong. And yes, within 20 seconds only.

As you can see, there are six car park slots on the photo. Starting from your left, the number in the first slot is 16, followed by 06, 68, 88, a slot with a car, and 98. And because the one with the car is covering the number, you are now to think of the correct number that should appear there. Can you solve it, too?

This puzzle has been reported in major news sites abroad, and is now going viral in social media. Many netizens were surprised that such puzzle was given to young kids. In fact, many of them took them a long time before they found the correct answer. And yes, a lot of people admitted they failed this test.

According to a report by Alex Bellos of TheGuardian.com, the Hong Kong puzzle was created by David Bodycombe from the UK, a famous puzzle inventor and games consultant. Sad to say, he said he was not informed by the HK school that his puzzle will be used, and he did not receive any money from them.

Nevertheless, Bodycombe said he created this puzzle when he was in a car park in Portugal around 20 years ago. He published in IQ puzzle book for Marks & Spencer back in 2002. The puzzle is very tricky and seems to be difficult. You might even think that you will some mathematical formulas and calculator to solve it.

Enough for the trivia, you should be able to solve the puzzle by now. But if you can’t, feel free to see the photo below. Just a quick reminder, your eyes are not fooling you and I didn’t make a mistake in attaching the photo. Yes, you are looking at the inverted version of the photo above. This will help you solve the puzzle.

Hong Kong Grade 1 Puzzle Answer

Credit: David Bodycombe

In case you haven’t gotten it yet, the correct answer is 87. You don’t need a calculator, a math equation; your common sense is enough. But please don’t use the excuse of not having a car to be able to understand why it is 87. Otherwise, you need to go back to Grade 1 and review your counting number lessons.

Just like in life, we sometimes think our problems are hard, but actually they’re not. As adults, our minds are very much preoccupied with a lot of things. Our everyday life is always full of challenges, which makes us forget to go back to the basics. Being intelligent is great, but having a logical thinking makes our lives easier.

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