Honest Driver Admits Hitting a Car, Leaves Note to Car Owner and Apologizes

Honest driver sorry letter Top Gear Philippines

Credit: Eds Arcilla Rivera via Top Gear Philippines Facebook

An honest driver left a note to a car owner, after he accidentally bumped the latter’s vehicle. The photos of the bumped car and the note were featured at Top Gear Philippines Facebook page on May 23, 2015. Alejandro Nebres wrote his name on the note along with his contact number and plate number of his car.

“May nakasagi ng sasakyan ko while parked outside and I wasn’t around. Although maliit lang mga gasgas, pero medyo malalim.” Eds Arcilla Rivera, the owner the bumped vehicle was quoted at Top Gear Philippines. Nebres’ letter was short and simple, and without excuses like many local drivers do their fellow drivers.

(My car was parked outside and I wasn’t around when another car bumped it. Although the damage was not really huge, it was somehow deep.)

“But he was man enough to leave his cellphone and plate number. When I called him up, he answered and a few hours later apologized to me in person.” Rivera added. There was no photo of the honest driver published, and many commentators are requesting Top Gear Philippines to feature him on their site.

Honest driver car bump Top Gear Philippines

Credit: Eds Arcilla Rivera via Top Gear Philippines Facebook

It was not known if Rivera has forgiven Nebres. Nevertheless, many netizens say that if they were in the similar situation as Rivera’s, they will forgive the honest driver. Most of them admired Nebres not only for leaving the note, but also to the fact that he is a simple public transport driver who earns money from driving.

In fact, a car shop owner told Top Gear Philippines said he is willing to fix the car of Rivera for free. This is to serve as salute Nebres for being an honest driver. As of posting, there is no update about the UV Express driver. Nevertheless, we at TN are very sure that he can sleep tight at night and works with a golden heart.

To Alejandro Nebres, thank you for restoring our faith in humanity.