Half-Filipino, Half-American Explains Why He Still Loves Duterte Despite Slamming Obama

Meet Dave Jonathan Lamar, the half-Filipino, half-American who calls Philippines as his home. In his lengthy Facebook post, he shares his admiration to President Rodrigo Duterte, despite the latter had criticized US President Barack Obama on human rights violation. Below is his message that will surely make Duterte supporters very happy.

Born in Lucena City but was raised in Sariaya, Dave Lamar said that as far as he can remember, Filipinos are always not satisfied with the performance of government. This is because of the rampant corruption, instead of protecting its citizens. For these reasons, he said that Filipinos are not respecting the leaders of the country, but not until Duterte became the president.

“For the first time in my short existence on this planet I finally see people that respect the leadership that was elected. I talk to taxi drivers, fishermen, farmers, our neighbors in our barangay and just everyday common people and they all share the same sentiments about Duterte.” Dave Lamar wrote on his Facebook page this Wednesday, September 7.

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“For the first time we have a president that is fighting for his people and is trying to instill the pride that has long been stolen from us. He is fighting the criminals that have ruled this country for decades. Yes, drug lords and politicians! He’s going against the tide, turning tables over left and right and cleaning house.” Lamar explained further.

According to Lamar, President Duterte may look more decent and speaks better than President Duterte, but many Americans still hate their president. The singer-songwriter emphasized that actions speak louder than words, and this is why he still loves Duterte, and that for the first time in his life, there is a president that he truly respects.

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Dave Jonathan Lamar Duterte Obama

This Monday, President Duterte said in his speech that he cursed at President Obama if the latter will question him about the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. Both leaders are currently attending the ASEAN Summit in Laos. Apparently, the supposed Obama-Duterte meeting has been canceled, and Duterte apologized to Obama for his remarks.