GMA News Reporter Raffy Tima Comments on His Controversial Duterte Convoy EDSA Traffic Post

GMA News reporter Raffy Tima finally breaks his silence over his controversial Facebook post about having no traffic at EDSA to give way for President Rodrigo Duterte’s convoy. The said post earned mostly negative comments, stating that he still cannot move on the earlier ‘catcalling’ issue on his wife, fellow GMA News presenter, Mariz Umali.

“EDSA Northbound at 9:35AM. Change has come? Not really. Traffic got held up for the presidential convoy from Ortigas en route to Camp Crame.” Raffy Tima wrote as a caption for his July 1 Facebook post with a photo of EDSA without the usual heavy traffic.Shortly after, his post was featured was heavily bashed by Duterte supporters.

“Dear Mr. Tima. Yes, we get it. You are still angry because of the “catcalling” issue but is it really necessary to do this? PNoy said no to wang-wang but there was no serious threat to his life. Even his haters do not want to kill him.” Atty Bruce Rivera wrote on his open letter to Raffy Tima this Sunday, July 3, and attached Tima’s controversial EDSA photo

“But this time, our President (Duterte) is fighting a war that has all the means to fight back and kill him. He knows the threat to his life and he knows that some of the people presently kissing his ass are the very one out to destroy him.” The lawyer added, noting that, “a journalist is complaining about traffic in EDSA as if it was a rare occurrence.”

Atty Bruce Rivera Raffy Tima

Credit: Bruce V. Rivera Facebook

Nevertheless, a netizen left a comment on Raffy Tima’s post, many netizens have been misinformed which led to tons of bashers. He added that the GMA News reporter is not really disappointed with protocol for President Duterte’s convoy, but rather noted that change is yet to come. Mariz Umali’s husband then replied, agreeing with the comment.

“You got it man. Your comprehension is even much better than some websites peddling misinformation and spins.” Raffy Tima wrote this Monday, July 4, as he thanked the netizen and told him that he understood what he really want to say. Nevertheless, some netizens still insist that he should have not mentioned, “Change has come? Not really.”

Raffy Tima Duterte traffic postRaffy Tima Duterte EDSA traffic comment

Credit: Raffy Tima Facebook

Last June 1, Raffy Tima commented on the so-called catcalling of then-incoming President Duterte to his wife during a press conference. And although he said he expected Duterte to crack some jokes, he said that disrespecting women is not funny. Umali said that Duterte said that she appears to be trying hard just to get noticed by him, and then whistled.