Rapper Gloc-9 Comments on Criticisms for Performing During Abby Binay Proclamation Rally

Rapper Gloc-9 finally breaks his silence on his performance during the proclamation rally of Makati mayoral candidate Abby Binay last Monday, March 28. This is after he was heavily criticized by netizens who learned that he performed in that event. On his explanation, the Pinoy rapper clarified that he is not endorsing Binay or any politician.

Among the noted reactions came from Mocha Uson of the Mocha Girls, who admits being a good friends with Gloc-9. On Facebook, the entertainer reminded the rapper that he is a pro-nationalist, adding that he should not support politicians who are being accused of corruption and do not deserve to be future leaders of the country.

A known supporter of presidential candidate, Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte, Mocha Uson said that the rapper has still 40 days to change his mind and withdraw his support to the Binays. VP Jejomar Binay has numerous corruption allegations, while Junjun Binay has been dismissed as Makati mayor and was disqualified to hold any public office.

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Gloc-9 (whose real name is Aristotle Pollisco) posted his comments on his official Instagram account this Wednesday, March 30, saying that he read all the reactions about his performance during the Binay proclamation rally. He emphasized that he respects everyone’s opinion, even if most of them contain hurting words against him.

“Paumanhin po kung hindi nasunod ang gusto ninyo at mawalang galang na din po sa mga nag sasabing hindi pwedeng TRABAHO LANG ITO dahil ITO LAMANG NAMAN PO ANG TRABAHO KO.” (I am sorry if I was not able to meet your expectations, and with all due respect to those who said that I cannot say ‘This is just my job’ – this is my only job.) Gloc-9 wrote, noting that he hopes people will elect only those who deserve to win.

The ‘Sirena’ singer emphasized that he has performed for many political candidates and that the Binays just happened to be one of them that many people don’t like. On the last part, Gloc-9 said that besides being a songwriter, a role model, and a Filipino,, he is also a father; and that he believes he is obliged to apologize only to his children.

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Below is the full content of Gloc-9’s Instagram post:

Gloc-9 Binay rally comment

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