Globe to Charge Subscribers P5 Per Call to 911 Hotline, Explains Why Additional Charge is Necessary

Globe P5 911 hotline

Globe Telecom is set to launch its 911 Hotline this Monday, August 1, and will charge P5 per call to all its subscribers 2016. At the same time, Globe will also receive calls via complaint hotline 8888. The availability of both hotlines is line with the directive of President Rodrigo Duterte to help Filipinos receive immediate help in case of emergency.

According to Globe Telecom’s General Counsel, Atty. Froilan Castelo, who made the announcement via a press release at this Wednesday, the additional P5 charge to the 911 Emergency Hotline was suggested by the Duterte administration, and its purpose is to discourage prank calls from its around 48.4 million mobile subscribers.

During his presidential campaign, President Duterte promised to implement an emergency hotline nationwide similar to the Davao City Central 911 Emergency Response Center he implemented when he was still the mayor of the city. This highly computerized, fully integrated emergency and rescue dispatch system is the first of its kind in the Philippines.

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As announced earlier by Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, the 24-hour complaint hotline 8888 will serve as the hotline for ordinary Filipinos to complain against corrupt government officials, lazy and arrogant government personnel, and long-delayed government projects. All calls will manned by Presidential Action Center (PACE) officials.

On the other hand, 911 Hotline will replace the current 117 emergency hotline, and will link to the Nationwide Emergency Response Center. Nevertheless, the additional P5 per call to the 911 Hotline means that subscribers should have at least P5 load on their Globe phone before they can call 911 Hotline, while calls for the Davao City 911 is 100% free.

Below is the official statement from Globe:

“Globe Telecom is ready to transmit voice calls for emergency hotline 911 and complaint hotline 8888 on August 1, as directed by the government. We are also expediting migration of our system to immediately enable transmission of SMS or text messages thru 8888 and we are confident that we will be able to achieve this target within the timeframe of 30-45 days given to us by the government.

As suggested by the government to discourage prank calls, we would also like to inform our customers that those calling the hotlines will incur regular voice charges plus an additional P5/call for those calling the 911 hotline.

As a telecommunications provider, Globe recognizes the importance of such communication tool for the government to effectively carry out its initiatives for the benefit of the public.”

Update as of July 28, 2016 3:06 pm:

“Globe clarifies that it will be strictly complying with the directives of the government of implementing the hotlines to the public. This includes whether calls to 911 and 8888 will be free of charge or not,” Globe General Counsel Froilan Castelo said in a statement on its latest press release at Globe Telecom’s official website.